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Don't Drive a Rental Truck - Let U-Pack do the Driving

August 1st, 2008 - 3:37 PM

Wow, talk about a can of worms! When I started researching fuel calculation so that you, our customer, would know how much better you can budget when using U-Pack, I got more than I bargained for. I was looking for information about the size of rental truck gas tanks and ran across a web site that discussed how driving a rental truck is so much different than your own vehicle. It is definitely something to think about when weighing your options.

Things to consider with a rental truck are backing up the vehicle (especially if you decide to trailer your own personal vehicle), low overhead clearance and the much wider turn radius. You also have to realize that all the blind spots are totally different so you have to retrain your "driving eyes". I know that when I moved some things out of local storage recently, I almost backed into the front of my house because I couldn't tell how much room I had left!

The site also mentioned availability of the right type of fuel and that you might have to drive to several different gas stations to find diesel or propane.

I suggest that you check out the link above because it really provides a lot of information about driving a rental truck that may help you decide to let the trained, professional ABF drivers do the driving for you.