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The one-way truck rental alternative

Renting a truck and driving it yourself isn’t the only low-cost solution for moving state to state.

Go U-Pack® - the affordable alternative!

We’ll move your belongings across the country safely and efficiently for one low price. That means you don’t have to drive! Customers call us the cheapest moving truck option available, and you might too, once you see our prices.

Moving truck rental comparison

Watch this video to see why so many people choose U-Pack over renting a moving truck:


How U-Pack works for moving one way

  • A moving trailer is delivered right to your door
  • You load
  • The trailer is delivered to the door at your new home
  • You unload

Not only does U-Pack drive, but you get door-to-door delivery and pickup. Now that’s service!

Fit all your belongings

Imagine renting what you think is the perfect size truck only to quickly run out of loading space on moving day. It’s a situation that happens far too often with truck rental companies. With U-Pack, you always have the space you need.

U-Pack prices are based on the linear footage your shipment occupies inside the moving trailer. That means if you need more space, it’s always available. And, if you can fit into less space, we’ll subtract the per-foot adjustment rate to lower your price. You control the cost.

Go ahead, get a moving quote – see how we compare to traditional one-way truck rental companies.

Let U-Pack do the driving

One of the biggest benefits of moving with U-Pack is that you don’t have to drive a truck. This helps families stick together during the move. So plan a fun vacation, sight-see, or just take your time as U-Pack moves your belongings to your new home.

Ditch the gas pump

When you rent a moving truck, the cost of fuel can be an absolute deal breaker. With most trucks getting 6-12 MPG, that can make for a costly trip. When you move with U-Pack, you don’t have to worry about fueling a truck because U-Pack drives. It’s just another way U-Pack helps you save money.

Use this one-way truck rental fuel calculator to estimate the cost of fuel for your move.

Avoid extra costs

If you’re still trying to decide between U-Pack and moving trucks for rent, consider this: When you rent a truck and drive it yourself, your final cost is always more than the price on your rental truck quote. Add the price of fuel, taxes and damage protection to see your real cost. It’s also worth noting that a longer trip may mean more hotel stays and meals on the road.

Truck rental one way? Go U-Pack!

When you compare U-Pack to the top moving truck rental companies, you’ll see U-Pack simply offers more. More space. More convenience. More availability.

moving truck rental comparison chart

Get a free moving quote to see your U-Pack cost and how it compares to one-way moving truck rental. We Drive. You Save.®