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During Your Move

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Be Prepared

You should also, by this time, have coordinated the delivery of your trailer with the local service center. If at all possible, plan on receiving your trailer personally. You will be asked to sign for the trailer and to clarify where you want it parked. It's critical to have planned ahead for this.

Keep in mind that these moving trailers are 28 x 8 x 9 feet. They require a 14 foot overhead clearance and a firm, level parking area. Make sure to secure a safe, legal place to park the trailer or ReloCube before your moving day. You'll want to be sure the local authorities or property managers understand that you'll need your reserved space for up to three business days.

It's a good idea to keep all utilities connected through your move date. This ensures water and electricity are available if it's needed for cleaning after you've moved everything out.

Load Up!

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Even if you're hiring outside labor or have volunteers to load your goods, it's important to personally supervise the loading process. Keep track of your inventory list and make sure you are satisfied your shipment is properly loaded and secured behind the bulkhead.

Stay in the Loop

The BOL is an excellent candidate for your "moving file." U-Pack will mail, e-mail or fax a copy of your BOL prior to your move date, so that you'll have the opportunity to review it and be familiar with its terms. You should also receive a copy when you sign for your trailer. Make sure you understand all terms and contact your moving coordinator with questions or concerns. When the local driver picks up your shipment you'll be asked to sign a copy of your BOL, so it's a good idea to study the document and know what you're signing.

Before signing verify the destination address and fill in your final footage results. Remember your final rate will be based on actual footage used within the trailer. You'll also want to make note of the "pro" or tracking number assigned to your shipment. You can track your shipment online 24/7.

Make Room for Relaxation

Start by designating a room or area for relaxation. Plan on keeping this space cleared of clutter or boxes. You can even plan to bring out lamps and a few pieces of furniture for this area before unloading anything else.While tackling the monumental task of settling in, you'll appreciate having a place to "get away" from your work.

This is also a good time to look things over. Check appliances, utilities and heating/cooling systems to prevent unpleasant surprises. Make sure your mail is making it to your new address and that your phone service is connected. You might also take this time to meet your neighbors and drive around your new area.

Once you are ready to coordinate delivery of your goods, pull out your "moving file" and find your Bill of Lading.

Get Ready to Receive Your Trailer

This is a good time to verify your charges. Your credit card will be charged in transit, based on the linear footage your shipment occupied inside the trailer. As at origin, you should plan on personally receiving your trailer and signing a delivery receipt. Be sure to keep this receipt, so that it will be on hand when you prepare your income tax return.

Unload and Settle In!

Start by unloading your trailer and placing boxes and furniture in their designated rooms. You'll have up to three business days to unload. Once the trailer is empty of all goods and debris, call the local service center and let them know it is ready to be picked up.

Wonder where to start unpacking? Plan on taking things one room at a time, starting with the kitchen. Set up the microwave and coffeemaker and stock the fridge with easy-to-prepare meals. Remember to keep your trusty "essentials" box accessible. Once your basic kitchen items are in order, you can focus on other areas of the house knowing that you have somewhere to go for a cup of coffee or a quick snack.

Next focus on the bathrooms. Make toiletries and paper accessible and pull out a few towels. Once your new kitchen and baths are functioning, you can focus on the rest of the house at a more relaxed pace. Where you go from here is a matter of personal preference - take your time and make an adventure of it!