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New York Moving Companies

New York Moving Companies

Moving to New York?

New York is home to the most populous city in the country, but it isn’t all big city life! New York has something to fit every need. Want a job in a high rise on Wall Street? Want to become a farmer in upstate? Have the desire to go skiing just up the road over winter vacation? Care to hole up in a cabin in the woods? You can do all of that in New York!

Geography. New York is broken into 62 counties. New York has several wonderful geographic areas. The Great Appalachian Valley covers eastern New York and includes the Lake Champlain region to the Adirondack Mountains. The western part of the state is drained by the Allegheny River. Southern New York is on the Allegheny Plateau, going all the way to the Catskill Mountains. The Hudson River flows south to New York City.

Weather. Weather in New York varies by geographical region, but overall, winters have temperatures in the 20s-30s, and summer highs are in the 90s.

Economy. Many areas in New York have great, flourishing economies. Overall, New York has the third highest Gross State Product in the nation. Major industries are dairy, farming, printing, electronic, chemical, tourism, and finance.

Education. Anywhere you move to in New York, you will have access to education for you or your children. The State University of New York, or SUNY, has 64 different facilities across the state ranging from community colleges, technical schools, undergraduate institutions, or doctoral-granting institutions, providing something for everyone. SUNY also oversees primary, middle, and secondary education in the state (except for New York City). The New York City Department of Education manages the schools in the Big Apple.

Interesting Facts about your new home state:

- Did you know that New York City was once the capital of the United States? Also, George Washington was inaugurated as the first president in downtown Manhattan.
- Over 6 million people visit Niagara Falls each year to watch over 200,000 cubic feet of water fall over the 167-foot-high cliff.
- The Statue of Liberty served as a symbol of freedom to immigrants seeking a better life in the United States.
- The 1969 Woodstock Music and Arts Fair was actually held in the city of Bethel.
- New York City has 722 miles of subway track.
- The "New York Post" was established in 1803 by Alexander Hamilton, and is the oldest running newspaper in the United States.
- The Genesee River is one of the few rivers in the world that flows south to north.
- European settlers brought apple seeds to New York in the 1600s.
- Adirondack Park is larger than Yellowstone, Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Glacier, and Olympic Parks combined.
- The term "The Big Apple" was coined by jazz musicians of the 1930s who used the slang expression "apple" for any town or city.

Moving to New York
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Here's how moving to New York with U-Pack works:
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- You load.
- We drive it to your new home in New York.
- You unload.

You might expect U-Pack prices to be similar to other New York moving companies, since you don't have to drive. But that's not the case! U-Pack prices are our biggest perk with 78% of customers choosing U-Pack because of price. Get a free moving quote today and you'll see that U-Pack actually compares to truck rental. 

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