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What Makes Moving to Syracuse, NY so fun?

Experience 12 full days of non-stop entertainment at the New York State Fair, the oldest continually operating fair in the nation. Visit Rosamond Gifford Zoo at Burnett Park where you can meet Sam, the 57-year-old double yellow-headed Amazon bird, and a 17-foot python! Then, hike, camp and swim at Buttermilk Falls State Park. Buttermilk Falls takes its name from the cascading foam formed by Buttermilk Creek.

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Did you know that Syracuse gets its name from Siracusa, a city on the eastern coast of the Italian island of Sicily?

Syracuse is a city of Firsts

- The country's first drive thru bank was installed at the Syracuse Merchant Bank in 1941.
- The first woman to argue a case before the Supreme Court was a Syracuse University Graduate.
- The First Ferris Wheel built in the U.S. was built in Syracuse.

Weather in Syracuse

Syracuse has a humid continental climate, meaning that summer temps will be in the low 80s and winters are snowy. In fact, Syracuse is known for its snowfall. The city receives around 121 inches of snow each year, more than any other large U.S. city. Winter low temps stay in the low to mid-30s.

Education in Syracuse

The Syracuse City School District serves the city with four high schools, six middle schools, 17 elementary schools, and eight K-8 schools. The Syracuse Say Yes to Education program aims at bridging the gap between urban and suburban children. 

Moving to Syracuse with U-Pack

Want a stress-free and affordable move to Syracuse? Choose U-Pack®! With U-Pack, you do the loading and unloading, and U-Pack does the driving! It’s a win-win!

Get a U-Pack moving trailer or moving container delivered to your home. You load it. U-Pack drives it to your new home in Syracuse. You unload it. Done!

78% of U-Pack customers chose U-Pack because of price. Get a free moving quote to compare rates for moving to Syracuse. It’s likely you’ll find U-Pack to be the most affordable and dependable Syracuse moving option. 

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