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Moving to Carlstadt, NJ soon?

If so, you’ll love the proximity to big city excitement Carlstadt offers while still living in a tight-knit community. Moving to Carlstadt is a great choice. As part of Bergen County, the city has just 6,319 residents, but is only 30 minutes from the heart of New York City. Let’s explore why Carlstadt is the perfect place to call home.

Your move to Carlstadt

A little history. The city was originally formed as a village in 1860 by a group of German settlers. They established the borough of Carlstadt in New Jersey in 1894 as part of the “Boroughitis” movement in Bergen County – Carlstadt was one of 26 boroughs established that year.

Education. School age kids pre-K through 8th grade attend Carlstadt Public Schools. The school serves more than 600 students. Grades 9-12 attend Henry P. Becton Regional High School in neighboring East Rutherford. The school serves more than 500 students.

Things to do in Carlstadt. If you love the game of golf, Carlstadt is ready for you. There are plenty of great places to perfect your swing! Just up the road in East Rutherford is the Meadowlands Sports Complex. It includes the Izod Center, former home of the New Jersey Nets (NBA) and Devils (NHL). Today, the center is used as a concert and entertainment venue. If you still want to get your sports fix, Carlstadt is only 8 minutes away from MetLife Stadium, home of the New York Giants and the New York Jets.

Of course, the great thing about living in Carlstadt is its proximity to New York. The advantage to moving to Carlstadt is that you have all the big city amenities available without living in a big city. It’s nice to come back home to Carlstadt after a busy work week in the city.

Getting around Carlstadt. The New Jersey Transit bus service will connect you to New York and other New Jersey communities with 772 routes.

Corporate Carlstadt. Many people in Carlstadt work right in the community. That’s because the city houses three corporate headquarters: Lion Brand Yarns, Pantone, and Yoo-Hoo.

Moving to Carlstadt with U-Pack®

U-Pack is different from other Carlstadt moving companies. With U-Pack, you’ll find the convenience of full-service out of state movers combined with the cost savings of truck rental. While most people think moving is stressful, U-Pack strives to make moving the least stressful as possible. You see, U-Pack does all the driving – all you do is pack, load, and unload. You can even hire movers to help if needed. We also bring the moving container or moving trailer direct to your door and pick it up when you’re done.

Best of all, U-Pack prices are affordable. In fact, 78% of customers decided to move with us because of price.

Call or click for a free moving quote today. Your moving quote includes fuel, taxes, standard liability coverage, and the driver! Go U-Pack and make the better move to Carlstadt. Explore U-Pack locations here to find a service center near you.

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