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The Best Way to Move from Albany

Albany is a city with rich history, interesting culture and quaint neighborhoods. But if you’re looking to move from New York to make a new state home, then it’s time to find a moving company with the expertise to make the trek. U-Pack is a favorite for long-distance moving. It’s a self-moving service, where you do the packing and loading, but then we do everything else. Take a closer look at our service.

Rates include the moving equipment, door-to-door transportation, liability coverage and fuel. Get a free moving quote in a few clicks, or by calling 877-453-7274. Let us know your home size, move date, and zip codes — and we’ll give you an instant, no-obligation quote. View our locations

Albany Trivia

Save these fun facts for the car ride to your new home. See how many of them your family can guess!

  • The New York State Capitol was declared a National Historic Landmark in what year? 1979
  • Who were the original inhabitants of the area? The Mohican nation
  • In what year did the Dongan Charter establish Albany as a city? 1686
  • Name an official sister city: Nassau, Bahamas; Nijmegen, Netherlands; Quebec City, Canada; Tula, Russia; Verona, Italy
  • The Egg goes how many stories deep into the ground? The stem goes down six stories!
  • What’s the city’s motto? Assiduity, which means acting with constant and careful attention
  • Who is the city named after? The Scottish Duke of Albany

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