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One of America’s most beloved authors, Mark Twain, spent many summers in Elmira. It’s where he met his wife, Olivia. Twain enjoyed the uniqueness and serenity of the city, and you will, too! Hiking, biking, and golf are among some of the favorite activities Elmira residents enjoy. The city is set against the beautiful foliage of New York’s area wine country, so you are sure to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere Elmira offers. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of moving to Elmira!

What you’ll love about Elmira

Population. Elmira is a small town of just over 30,000 people. If small town living is your thing, Elmira can offer you just that.

Location. Elmira is 2 hours away from Syracuse and Rochester, and 4 hours away from New York City.

Sports. If you need a hometown team to cheer on, look no further than the Elmira Jackals hockey team! They play at the First Arena.

Performing arts. The Clemson Center is a great place to take in a Broadway show, concert, comedy show, or children’s play. There are over 100 performances annually. Did you know that the Clemson center was named for Samuel Clemmons (Mark Twain’s real name!)?

Art. The Arnot Art Museum’s permanent collection of European and American artwork is another point of pride for the city. Be sure to stop by and take it all in.

Eldridge Park. As the largest and most popular park in Elmira, you’ll find Eldridge Park to be a hot spot for fisherman, pet-owners, and families. The park features a carousel, merry-go-eatery, a dance hall pavilion, an ice cream shop, a game arcade, playground, soccer fields, dog park, skateboard and bike rollersports park, mini golf, paddleboats, and boat rides. The carousel spins at 18 mph – the fastest carousel in the world. Each animal has a unique name as well, so you can pick out your favorite animal by name!

More parks! In addition to Eldridge Park, there are 19 other parks in the city, along with two ponds.

National Soaring Museum. In the mood for some history? Check out the National Soaring Museum located right in Elmira. Why in Elmira? Because the gliding hills around Elmira are perfect for engineless flights! The museum aims to preserve the history of motorless flight.

Weather. The weather in Elmira is fantastic. You’ll experience four distinct seasons. Winters will be cold and very snowy! Elmira average around 41 inches of snow per year. Summer temps average in the mid-80s so you can enjoy your favorite outdoor activities.

Education. If you’re moving to Elmira with kids, they’ll find the Elmira City Schools System right up their alley.  The district is comprised of eight elementary schools, two academies, and one high school. For higher education, the city offers Elmira College, a coeducational private liberal arts college. The college offers 33 majors and two pre-professional programs in health and law.

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Moving to Elmira with U-Pack®

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