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Moving to Burlington, VT?

Known as one of America's most livable cities, Burlington, VT is home to approximately 42,400 people. Burlington is also the largest city in Vermont, making it the smallest U.S. city that is the largest city it its state. In 2008 the American Planning Association called Burlington's Church Street Marketplace (the site for many of Burlington's festivals) one of America's "Great Public Places". Burlington was also called the "healthiest city in America" by U.S. Centers for Disease Control and prevention and the "greenest city in the U.S.A." by Country Home magazine. Burlington is a great place to call home! Let’s explore…

  • Burlington has small town charm, but it is located in the Burlington-South Burlington metro area including Winooski, Williston, and Essex. This area has a population of 208,000 people, so there are plenty of opportunities here.
  • Burlington has cold winters and pleasant summers. There are occasional snow squalls, with large amounts of snow falling in a short period of time, but they are rare. Summers are mild and enjoyable, with high temperatures averaging in the 80s.
  • Top industries in the area include education, health care, transportation, and manufacturing. Burlington has the 6th lowest unemployment rate of all metro areas, so you are likely to find a good job.
  • Burlington is a college town! You can take classes at the University of Vermont, Burlington College, or Champlain College. Even if you aren’t seeking a degree, you will love the eclectic atmosphere that this university population brings to town.
  • You can learn all about manners at the Emily Post Institute located here!
  • Burlington is home to the shortest “tallest building”. Decker Towers has just 11 stories, but is the tallest building in the state.

As you can see, there are great reasons to move to Burlington, VT.

Moving to Burlington, VT with U-Pack

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