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What is the best way to move?

March 16th, 2013 - 12:32 PM

Which way of moving is the best?

I think the “best way to move” would be convenient, affordable, fast, and easy. I know you are thinking “Yeah, right. That type of moving service doesn’t exist.” But it does! I can easily tell you that the best way to move is with U-Pack. U-Pack offers affordable moving that is better than truck rental, and full-service moving. Why? U-Pack is the best way to move because it’s convenient, affordable, fast, easy and more! Let me show you how U-Pack is the best way to move.

If you want to know how much U-Pack costs, get a free moving quote here. Or keep reading to learn more about why U-Pack is the best way to move.

The Best Way to Move is Convenient

U-Pack makes moving convenient because U-Pack brings you the moving equipment right to your door! U-Pack also does all the driving, so you never have to worry about navigating the highway in an unsafe, uncomfortable, gas-guzzling rental truck.

With U-Pack, moving is simple. A U-Pack move works like this:

  • U-Pack brings you a moving trailer or moving container right to your door.
  • You load it full of your stuff.
  • U-Pack drives it to your new home.
  • You unload.

That’s it! With U-Pack, you can pass on the most stressful part of moving – the driving! There is no picking up and returning equipment like with truck rental. U-Pack does moving door-to-door for you. Sounding like the best way to move? Keep reading…

The Best Way to Move is Affordable

You just want a good value, right? Well, U-Pack’s rates are comparable to truck rental (especially once you add in all those fuel costs!). 78% of U-Pack customers choose U-Pack because of the price. Find out what the price would be for your move with a free moving quote.

Why is U-Pack so affordable? Well, U-Pack’s rates are based on three things:

  1. Where you are moving to/from
  2. When you are moving
  3. How much you are moving

U-Pack lets you control your cost by controlling how much stuff you move. With U-Pack, you pay only for the space you use, so you can keep your moving costs under budget by packing efficiently. See, when you get a moving quote, you will find out how much space you will likely need. However, if you use less space, you pay less! Or if you need more space, you can use whatever space you need. You simply adjust your rate according to the “per foot rate” in your moving quote. Super easy! With U-Pack, you will never run out of room or pay for wasted space. It is a great money saver!

The Best Way to Move is Fast

No one wants to wait weeks for their stuff. With U-Pack, transit times average just 2-5 business days. Get a free moving quote to see your price and your estimated transit time.  

The Best Way to Move is Easy

U-Pack works to make every step of your move simple. You can get a moving quote in just a few clicks. You can reserve easily online or with a simple phone call to a moving expert. U-Pack delivers the equipment right to your door, and then we deliver it to your new home. U-Pack doesn’t require a deposit or down payment, either!

The Best Way to Move is U-Pack!

Still unsure about U-Pack? Check out these customer reviews (found at epinions.com).

“A great value and good moving experience.” –prejzki

“From the beginning to end it was a great experience.” – asailor

“I had a wonderful experience with U-Pack/ABF’s handling of my recent move.” –bigdoug1053

“Working with ABF U-Pack was by far the smoothest experience I have ever had with moving.” –jeebus007

Want your move to end up like these? Go U-Pack! Get a free moving quote to see how you can move with U-Pack! If you have more questions, just leave a comment or call 1-800-413-4799.

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