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One-Way Moves: Getting the Lowest Price

June 20th, 2012 - 3:57 PM

I think the term “one-way moving” is funny. I mean, one-way flights might be rare, but I imagine that most moves are one-way.  I mean honestly, who packs up their whole house to move it across the country then turns right around and moves it back? Is there round-trip moving in comparison? (If that has happened to you, my heart goes out to you). Despite all that, because of the truck rental industry, people are familiar with the phrase “one-way moving,” as one-way truck rental is a popular option. If you’re looking at one-way moves and want to find the lowest prices, I have GREAT news for you! You can get the cheap prices of one-way moving, but never have to drive a rental truck! It’s true. Renting a truck and driving it yourself isn’t the only one-way moving solution. What other options exist for one-way moving?  U-Pack!

What is U-Pack? U-Pack is a moving service that delivers efficient, affordable moves. With U-Pack, you don’t have to drive! U-Pack will deliver a moving trailer or ReloCube® to your door.  You pack and load your stuff inside. We drive it right to the door of your new home, where you unload. It is that simple! And because you don’t have to worry about driving a bulky rental truck full of your stuff across the country, you’re free to make sure your vehicle, your family, and your pets have a great moving experience. No one wants to be stuck in an uncomfortable, gas-guzzling rental truck. Choose U-Pack and you can travel how you want – safe, comfortably, and stress-free.

U-Pack Perks. U-Pack offers plenty of other benefits.

  • Flexible loading and unloading options – you can have up to three business days for loading and unloading.
  • 24/7 shipment tracking online or by phone. You can easily see where your belongings are every step of the way.
  • Prices based on the linear footage your shipment occupies in the moving trailer or the number of ReloCubes you use. If you need more space, it’s always available. If you’re able to pack it all up tight and use less space, simply subtract your per-foot adjustment rate to lower your price.
  • There are no extra fees for fuel, taxes, tolls, or insurance.
  • You’ll never pay a down-payment or deposit.
  • And did I mention, you don’t have to drive? (That’s most people’s favorite perk!)

For me, that is the best perk. See, some people try to save money with one-way truck rental.  But they also have cars and pets to travel with. We once heard from a customer who was going to drive his rental truck one-way, fly home, and then drive his family, pets, and car back to their new home. So he was making two trips, and paying for fuel and a plane ticket. There is a better way!

How much does it cost? Every move is unique based on the origin and destination, the size of the move, and when it’s taking place. Determining the price for your specific move is easy; simply get a free moving quote. Then, compare U-Pack prices to truck rental. You’ll find that U-Pack offers a great service at a great price! 

When people ask about one-way moves, and say they’re looking to find the best quality service for the price, I’ll always answer U-Pack! Get a moving quote today and see for yourself. One-way moves can be easy and affordable.