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Low-Cost Move

April 24th, 2013 - 11:00 AM

How to get a low-cost move
Every penny counts when you’re moving long distance. And while some may say that renting a truck is the cheapest way to move, I think you’ll find that using a truck rental alternative like U-Pack Moving® will be the best bang for your buck. Let’s take a look at how to get a low-cost move with U-Pack below.

Getting a low-cost move with U-Pack
Moving long distance with U-Pack is best described as easy and affordable. We’ll get to the easy part later (so you know exactly how U-Pack works), but first, let’s zero in on U-Pack’s affordability.

What I personally love about U-Pack is that the price is similar to truck rental. This means that you can pay a low cost to move without having to drive a rental truck. Sound ideal? I thought so. Get an online moving quote here and compare the costs for yourself. When you add the additional costs to rent a moving truck (fuel, taxes, tolls, damage protection) to the rate to rent the truck, the price is typically similar to moving with U-Pack. With U-Pack, a low-cost move is possible! Plus you don’t have to drive. Win-win!

Another thing I love about U-Pack is the flexibility. Whether you’re moving small or big, U-Pack’s affordable and flexible moving options can handle almost any moving situation imaginable. With truck rental, you pay for whatever size rental truck you choose no matter if you fill it all the way up or not. With U-Pack, you pay for the exact amount of space you use in the 28 ft. trailer. Now that’s true flexibility.

Let’s say you use U-Pack’s Space Estimator Tool to see how much space you need. The estimator suggests 17 ft. of trailer space. You read these helpful loading tips and end up fitting everything into 15 ft. of trailer space on moving day. Lucky you – 15 ft. is all you pay for! If you need more space, go ahead and use it. U-Pack will simply adjust your price per additional linear foot of trailer space used. Get an instant moving quote here.

U-Pack customers love being able to control the price of their move. They also love paying a rate competitive with truck rental and not having to drive. It just makes sense that if you want a simple and affordable move, U-Pack is the way to go.

Other ways U-Pack can give you a low-cost move

Save money at the pump. If there’s one thing that always unpredictable, it’s gas prices. And if you’re thinking truck rental for your long distance move, then start thinking about the price at the pump, too. Rental trucks are gas guzzlers, so the cost to fill one up from point A to point B can really add up! To determine the cost of fuel for your move, use U-Pack’s Rental Truck Fuel Calculator. Remember, your truck rental quote doesn’t include taxes, tolls, fuel, or damage protection. Your U-Pack quote does.

Pick your date. Just like the airline industry, the moving industry revolves around peak and off-peak moving times. If you choose to move during a peak season (like spring/summer), the rates will be higher than moving during an off-peak moving season (like fall/winter).

Choose the way you move. Like I mentioned above, U-Pack makes moving easy on you by offering you two affordable ways to move. The first option saves you lots of time (which can be just as valuable as saving money); while the second option can save you even more money.

  • Door-to-door moving with U-Pack. With this convenient way to move, U-Pack delivers the moving equipment to your home for you to load. Then, U-Pack drives your belongings to your new home for you. When you’re done unloading, U-Pack picks up the empty equipment. Nice!
  • Terminal-to-terminal moving with U-Pack. With this money-saving option, you bring your belongings to the U-Pack service center closest to your origin for loading. Then, U-Pack drives your belongings to the service center closest to your destination for you to unload. While this option requires a little more work, it can mean a big sigh of relief for your wallet. Get a free quote for both options here.

Looking for a low-cost move? Choose U-Pack!
As you can see above, U-Pack can provide a low-cost move made just for you. And with storage and loading and unloading options available too, you can get a custom move that typically costs less than traditional moving companies. Give U-Pack a try! Call 800-413-4799 and talk to a moving specialist about your move, or get a free moving quote here to see your price and compare.

If you have questions about moving with U-Pack, please leave me a comment below. I am happy to help you learn more about how U-Pack can give you a low-cost move.

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