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Cheap Moving

May 16th, 2013 - 3:04 PM

Are you searching for cheap moving companies?
If you are, you’re not alone. Full-service moving companies are oftentimes way out of the ballpark when it comes to cost. But if you ask around, you may have heard talk that truck rental is the best way to get cheap moving prices. Unfortunately, truck rental isn’t for everyone—it’s difficult to find people who actually want to drive a huge, unfamiliar truck across the country. The good news is that over the past several years there’s been a definite shift in the moving industry. No longer do you have to stick with the two extremes. Now you can get a cheap moving company and do just some of the work, instead of all of it. It’s called a “you pack, we drive” moving company, and U-Pack Moving® is a great example. U-Pack is an option that’s known for providing a great customer experience, convenience, and competitive prices… and you don’t have to drive a rental truck.  

What makes U-Pack a cheap moving option?
It’s true that the word “cheap” is subjective. What’s cheap to one person may not be to the next. And I know that in some locations (specifically short-distance moves), truck rental may end up being less expensive than “you pack, we drive” services. But if you’re moving long distance, it’s definitely worth it to take a look and get a moving quote. See, with U-Pack, you don’t have to pay extra for things like fuel, taxes, highway tolls or standard liability coverage. And you pay based on the space you use—regardless of how much you reserve.

Let me explain that a little better.

Let’s say you’re planning to move a two-bedroom apartment and the space estimator indicates that you will need about 14 linear feet of a moving trailer. When moving day comes, you pack and load like a champ, and you’re able to fit everything into 12 linear feet. Woo hoo! You just saved money. We reduce your price based on the “per-foot rate” included in your quote. It’s designed for convenience and to give you more control over the cost of your move. We’ve seen customers save hundreds of dollars just by fitting into less space.

Now let’s think about the moving costs related to truck rental. When you first get a truck rental quote, the initial price tag may look appealing and appear to be the cheapest moving option—but when you add the “extras” I mentioned, the price increases. For example, according to the Rental Truck Fuel Calculator, a 1,100 mile move from Dallas to Cleveland would cost you around $600 in rental truck fuel. When you start tacking those costs on, rental trucks can move out of the “cheap moving” category.

Is U-Pack still a cheap moving option if I add loading and unloading services?

When comparing to full-service movers, most customers would answer this question with a “yes!” Then again, you would probably never classify traditional full-service moving companies as “cheap movers,” right?

U-Pack offers a way to get help with loading and unloading, at prices that are often significantly cheaper than what you would get with a traditional vanline. U-Pack offers access to a nationwide network of experienced moving labor that can help with your loading and/or unloading. This is especially helpful if you’re on a budget and need help moving the “big stuff.” With this option you contract directly with the labor supplier, and you just tell them what you need done.

More questions about what makes U-Pack a cheap moving company?
We’ll be happy to help! Leave a comment below or get an instant moving quote online 24/7.

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