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Affordable Small Move

February 20th, 2013 - 2:16 PM

How to move a small amount of stuff affordably

So you’re moving across the country, you don’t have much stuff, and you need to move affordably? Let’s look at some of your options:  

A U-Pack Move
If your small move is somewhere around a studio-size apartment or one room of furnishings, U-Pack is the perfect option! You can move in a ReloCube (U-Pack’s 6’ x 7’ x 8’ moving container), or you can do a trailer move, and pay based on the space you use (down to a 5-foot minimum). You load and unload your belongings... we do the driving.

U-Pack offers door-to-door moving, where the Cube or trailer is delivered right to your door on both ends; or you can make your small move even more affordable with a terminal-to-terminal move, where you load and unload at the ABF service center closest to your location. When you choose terminal-to-terminal your price drops significantly (you can see a list of ABF service center’s here).

To make either of these services more affordable, just select an off-peak moving day (usually mid-week at the beginning or middle of the month).

Getting a quote for an affordable small move is easy! Just enter some basic information about your move here, or call us at 800-413-4799.

An even smaller move
As I mentioned earlier, five linear feet, or one ReloCube is the minimum at U-Pack; but, we know that sometimes people need to move an even smaller amount of stuff. If you’re able to palletize or crate your belongings, you can get an online rate quote from ABF Freight System. ABF is U-Pack’s primary transportation provider, and they offer shipping options for palletized goods via their less-than-truckload (LTL) service.

If you have an even smaller shipment (like just a few lightweight boxes), your best option may be to ship them parcel. An online search of “parcel shipping options” should give you some companies to choose from.

How does U-Pack make small moves so affordable?
This is a question we get a lot, so I’ll touch on it in case it’s a question you have, too. U-Pack was actually designed with the small move in mind. If you choose the trailer move, you load your belongings into the empty trailer, then put up a divider wall when you finish. The space you don’t use is used to transport commercial goods (like electronics, clothing, etc.) that are moving in the same direction. That means smaller moves cost less. When you move in a ReloCube, the Cube is moved cross country inside the trailer, so again, the remaining trailer space is filled with commercial goods moving in the same direction. It’s a win, win – either way!  

If you have questions about how U-Pack can make your small move affordable or you want to know how much it costs to move with U-Pack, call us at 800-413-4799, or leave a comment below! We look forward to helping!