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Affordable Moving Alternatives

November 4th, 2011 - 3:37 PM

Affordable Moving Alternatives

It's Flashback Friday!  Each week, U-Pack revisits a blog topic that has been helpful to our readers. Today's flashback— "Affordable Moving Alternatives".  Who isn't looking for a low-cost move these days?  U-Pack is a great way to save money without having to drive a large moving truck cross-country!

Moving on a budget? It's often hard to manage a budget and find creative ways to make the funds you've allocated stretch as far as possible. If you're looking for an affordable moving alternative, U-Pack Moving is a sure way to stay on track and within budget. U-Pack offers affordable prices and flexible options while maintaining an excellent reputation in the industry.

U-Pack gives the cost conscious mover affordable moving options, such as a partial trailer move or moving in a ReloCube.  As the mother of three college students, I'm always trying to stretch a dollar!  So if you're on a budget and are making a small move, the ReloCube is a best bet to know your exact costs; the price includes drop- off fees, the driver, delivery charges to the final destination, and taxes! If you need storage before you move into a new place, the storage and moving costs can be rolled into the same transaction; allowing you to set funds aside to pay for the move and not worry that the price will change later. This helps keep your budget within its limits and you can pat yourself on the back for being so thrifty!

The moving trailer option also gives an affordable moving alternative with 'tons' of flexibility— you can literally load up to about 6 tons of household goods into a trailer, which is more than any rental truck you might consider. Again, all transportation fees including fuel, tolls and taxes are included. You pay for only the space you use.  Whether it's a small one room apartment, or a full house, the trailer option remains at the top of the list for affordable moves where you're in control of your wallet or purse strings!

If you need packing and loading (or even unloading) services, you might want to consider another affordable moving option: MoveBuilder. Experienced movers pack, load and unload your items (or any combination of these services) with no worries about overtime since each move is handled by the size of the load, not the number of hours it takes to complete the job. If you prefer to handle the majority of the move yourself, and just need help with the larger items, you can choose to have MoveBuilder secure a load or unload team by the hour (minimums usually apply). By choosing the services that fit your situation, you're still in control of the budget!

No matter which option you choose, moving is stressful and part of the stress can come from feeling like someone else is pulling the strings. Keep the puppet master at bay: stay in control by choosing the service that best meets your needs.

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