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5 Tips on Moving for Less

August 15th, 2011 - 9:58 AM

5 Tips on Moving for Less
Let's face it: the past few years have not been so great for the economy. Due to higher unemployment rates and rising costs, lots of families have grown used to scrimping and saving in order to stretch their dollars. (The one bright spot? Shows like "Design on a Dime" and "Extreme Couponing" emerged to help us cope with tighter budgets!) When it comes to cutting back on expenses, trying to plan a cross country relocation is no different; folks still need to get the most bang for their bucks. So here's the good news: moving for less is far from impossible— it just might take a little elbow grease. Here are 5 great tips for moving on a budget:

1. Start planning early. More often than not, last minute plans=last minute expenses. Planning your move in advance will allow you to map out a budget and allow time to find the best deal on moving equipment and travel accommodations.

2. Do a little research. Moving for less doesn't necessarily have to include a truck rental. U-Pack rates are comparable to driving a rental (and the gas cost, driver, and taxes are already included in your price). You could actually end up saving more by moving with U-Pack and driving your family to the new home in your own comfortable vehicle! Who knew?

3. Clean things out for cash. This tip is actually two ways to save in one: clean out each room prior to your move and have a garage sale. Not only will you get to pocket what you earn, you'll also have less to move (which means less space used on a moving trailer, saving you even more!). If you don't have time to hold a moving sale, donate unwanted items to a local charity and be sure to ask for a receipt; you'll be able to deduct those items at tax time.

4. Brush up on packing and loading instructions before moving day. If hiring a labor crew just isn't in the cards, never fear: learn how to pack your belongings like a pro with U-Pack's packing tips. (Don't worry, moving for less is easier than you might think!)

5. Collect what's yours before you hit the road. Whether it's a utility deposit or just retrieving the yard tools your neighbor borrowed last month, be sure to tie up any loose ends before leaving town. This way, you won't be out 'extra' cash on deposits for services at your new home or be stuck replacing expensive seasonal gadgets. 

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