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Will My Moving Price Ever Change?

U-PackĀ® makes every attempt to fully disclose an accurate moving price, based on the information given by the customers regarding their move. U-Pack strives to ensure that you have enough information regarding the U-Pack Moving service to assist in making an educated, informed decision.
As detailed in your moving quote, your price will be based directly on the space that your shipment occupies in our trailer, not on the weight of your belongings. Your U-Pack price will never increase based on the reweighing of your household goods. This is comforting to know, considering the prevalence of moving scams associated with reweighs.
Although rare, the following specific items may affect your price:

  1. You change the origin or destination of your move.
  2. You change your move date. Changing the date to or from a peak day may affect your price.
  3. You incur parking fees, fines, or tow of trailer.
  4. You hold the trailer longer than allowed or delay receipt of your shipment (Trailer detention or storage accrues at $50/day per trailer).
  5. You fail to return the ramp on time to local terminal.
  6. You do not provide proper paperwork required by the Agriculture Department for shipments moving inbound to the state of California.
  7. Your cargo is banned or seized by Canadian/U.S. Customs.
  8. You cancel your move without adequate notice - $50.00 charge if less than one week notice or $150.00 on the day of your move.
  9. You are not present to sign for trailer at scheduled appointment time, requiring redelivery.
  10. You leave trash or boxes on the trailer after move is complete.

U-Pack does not require a deposit or prepayment of the service. Simply reserve your move with a credit card, and the card will be charged after loading is complete and you know how much space you have used.