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What Moves You? Miki and Grandma Regina's Trip to Pismo Beach

By Guest
February 28th, 2012 - 3:54 PM

So, we’d been traveling ‘cross-country on our moving vacation for close to a week. Grandma-ma and I knew her belongings were in safe hands with ABF U-Pack Moving, so we just kept on enjoying our moments worry free. We discovered all sorts of interesting places while intersecting Route 66! We stopped at pretty much every major destination and many of the cheesy tourist traps. However, after all of that excitement, we were ready to stretch out; to just relax. Next stop: Pismo Beach, California!


By the time we arrived, we were absolutely exhausted. The four of us (six if you count the fur balls, and seven if you include the plant that’s been in the family about as long as I have) decided to bunk together. We rented a surprisingly affordable suite that was pretty darn close to the beach, and then we all fell into our various beds, couches and crates.


The next morning we awoke to the fresh sea air. I felt like I was on a tropical vacation! Palm trees stretched to the sky. Happy chatter from beach goers rattled around. I arose early and meandered with Ivy down to the beach. Surfers abounded and some type of youth competition was in full swing. It seemed exotic, but fun. I rushed back to fetch everyone so we could explore the area more. We took a scenic jaunt down the boardwalk and shopped the seaside stores. And then...and then we ate lunch at a fabulous little dive. The fried clams were amazing! The day was brilliant. Grandma-ma definitely got lost in the day as she purchased four souvenir t-shirts and a sweater. I loved seeing her have a good time and embracing the journey. By letting someone else drive the moving truck, the four of us were free to do whatever: meander, swim, dine, roam, shop...and just take in the moving scenic route. And for that, I’m eternally grateful to ABF U-Pack Moving.