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What Everyone Ought to Know About Moving Day

September 24th, 2013 - 2:56 PM

You Can Make Moving Day Stink a Little Less

There’s no denying that moving is stressful. Even if you’re moving under the best circumstances, it still stinks to have to pack up all your stuff and move. But, there are a few truths about moving that can make your moving day a little less hectic.

The bottom line: A little pre-moving day preparation goes a long way.  

You don’t have to do it all in one day.

If you choose a flexible moving service, you don’t have to get it all moved out at once. Loading your belongings into a moving trailer can be physically exhausting, but if you break it up into several days, you can take your time, rest when you get tired, and get it all done – minus complete exhaustion. In most locations across the country, U-Pack allows up to three business days for loading and unloading. So, for example, we can deliver it on a Wednesday, and you can keep it until the following Monday. That’s the easy way to move.

You’ll need help.

Even if you think you’re able to handle it all on your own, chances are you’ll need at least one helper (and maybe more). Furniture is heavy and bulky and it’s sometimes impossible to move on your own (think queen-size mattress).  If you’re trying to save money by doing a self-move, you may want to enlist the help of friends and family (free pizza works wonders), or if they’re not available on moving day, you may want to hire loading or unloading help. Either way, you’ll be glad to have them.  

You’ll forget something.

When you get stressed, does your brain check out? It happens to the best of us. Our best advice is to print out a moving checklist, a packing tips checklist, and a loading tips checklist, and treat them like gold. Keep them with you throughout your entire move (especially on moving day), and refer to them often.

You’ll be too busy to keep an eye on little humans and animals.

Making sure your children and your pets are in a secure place on moving day is imperative – it protects them and you. When you (or your movers) are carrying heavy furniture and boxes in and out, the last thing you want is a child or a pet underfoot. If you don’t have friends or family to care for your kids at another location, you may consider hiring a sitter and letting them play, watch movies, etc., in one of your empty rooms. While you could also get a pet sitter for your furry friends, most are okay spending moving day in a crate. You could also put them in an empty room with plenty of food, water, and toys.

You’ll need to plan the logistics.

Before moving day, make sure you have a plan for parking the trailer or containers. The last thing you want to worry about is being ticketed for a parking violation.

You’ll need to know where to park, how long you’re allowed to park there, and whether parking permits are required. This may mean speaking with your city/police department, or getting permission from your homeowner’s association or apartment manager.  But before you start making calls, it’s a great idea to make yourself familiar with the amount of space needed to park the trailer or container.

You’ll also want to keep the local service center’s phone number handy – once you make your reservation, you’ll find it listed at the top of your U-Pack Bill of Lading. When you’re finished loading and/or unloading, you can just call for pick up. It’s super easy.

You won’t want to drive a moving truck.

Once everything is loaded, I’m willing to bet you would rather not climb into a huge, uncomfortable truck and drive it across the country. Joining your family for a comfortable ride in your own vehicle sounds MUCH better, right?

You can do that with U-Pack.

We handle the transportation, so at the end of an exhausting moving day, you don’t have to drive the moving truck. And, the price is comparable to truck rental – but you won’t find additional charges for things like fuel, taxes, highway tolls, or damage coverage.

You can avoid moving day stress with U-Pack

It’s a service designed to take the hassle out of moving. You pack your belongings, we drive them to your new home, and you unload them. Get a moving quote and see how U-Pack makes moving affordable (not to mention easy). And if you need assistance planning your upcoming move, just leave a comment. We’re happy to help!