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U Move It

April 17th, 2013 - 11:26 AM

Looking for “u move it” companies?

Pretty much anything DIY (do-it-yourself) is cheaper, including DIY moving. If you are looking for a moving service where “u move it,” you are probably looking for a cheaper way to move. U-Pack is a great self-moving service for long distance moves, where you do the packing and loading, but then U-Pack does all the driving. So you can get the “u move” affordable price and only do some of the work.

To compare prices, get a free moving quote from U-Pack here. Or keep reading to learn what makes U-Pack the leader in self-moving.

U Move It with U-Pack: Packing and Loading

When you move with U-Pack, we bring you a  trailer or moving container right to your door. Then, you do the packing and loading. Using our helpful packing tips and loading tips, you simply fill the moving equipment with all your stuff.

U-Pack’s rates are based on the amount of space you use, so by doing the packing and loading, U-Pack puts you in charge of your cost. Learn more about U-Pack’s rates and space here.

U Move It with U-Pack: U-Pack does the driving!

After you get everything loaded, U-Pack will pick up your moving equipment and start driving. Cross-country transit times average just 2-5 business days. U-Pack delivers the stuff right to your door, and then you can unload it.

Our customers love the fact that they don’t have to drive a rental truck. Usually doing a “u move” would include doing all the driving, but that is not the case with U-Pack. U-Pack is able to do the driving and still offer you low rates because of our efficient transportation system, including a network of service centers all over the country. Get a moving quote to see how much your move will cost, and how long the transit time will be.

U Move It with U-Pack: Get a Moving Quote!

Let’s get real: you don’t want to do all the work to show off, you want to do the work to save money! See how much you can save by moving with U-Pack – just click to get a free moving quote. And remember, unlike other “u move it” services (like truck rental), with U-Pack, you don’t have any “extras” like fuel, liability coverage, tolls or mileage fees. Your U-Pack rate includes the moving equipment, experienced driver, and all the transportation costs (including liability coverage, tolls, fuel, and more!). U-Pack saves you time and money.

Get a free moving quote and see how you can move with U-Pack!

If you have questions about u move services, just leave a comment below. I’m happy to help!

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