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Staging for an Open House - House staging tips from U-Pack

July 8th, 2009 - 10:49 AM

Staging for an Open House

Are you thinking about selling your house? Then you'll need to learn, memorize, and frequently repeat the Staging Motto (embarrassing yes…helpful yes…sometimes you do what you gotta do).

The Staging Motto:

"In order to please the masses, I will create a house that is clean, simplistic, and updated. This is no longer all about me, but rather selling this house and maybe making some money on the deal."

Now, let's break it down and make this happen.
It's the first keyword in the motto for a reason.  This applies to both the outside and inside of your home.  Your house should look neat and tidy from the curb or nobody will even think about walking in the door.  Inside it should be clean by sight AND smell. A fresh scent (no pets allowed) along with a sparkling shine on the floor are both important ingredients. Open the blinds and let in some natural light – another way to highlight a clean space.

Getting out the clutter is essential. This applies to cabinets, closets, built-in book shelves, and even the most obvious, counter tops.  We all know how it works.  Potential home buyers actually open doors. You want them to see the great space they could have, not your unorganized summer wardrobe and drawers full of junk. 

As much as you might fight it, the 80's style florescent light fixtures need to go.  For a small cost, new light fixtures in the entry, kitchen, and bath are truly going to have a positive impact.  Changing out the hardware on cabinets and doors is also a must. Remember, the buyers will use these to open and see all of the perfectly organized cabinets.

Crowd Pleasing. 
Paint and a focused design is the way to be a true crowd pleaser.  To get started, go on a fact-finding mission to other homes for sale in the area. Looking at new or model homes will ensure you are following the latest trends. Also, be sure to give each room a purpose.  Neutral paint colors and furniture placement act as a subtle way to please the masses.

Do you have moving tips to help your house sell in these tough economic times?