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New Moving Blog

September 3rd, 2010 - 3:58 PM

Another avenue for GREAT moving tips!
Several months back we introduced you to MoveBuilder. Just to refresh your memory, MoveBuilder is a moving company where customers can choose from a variety of moving services— like packing, loading, unloading and crating— to "build" a move that fits their needs and budget. 

So, last month MoveBuilder introduced The Blueprint, their Moving Blog…and it's awesome. And when we see something awesome, we tell people about it. 

At The Blueprint, you'll find tons of helpful information about moving and some great moving advice. You can also use the "Ask a MoveBuilder" tool to submit a question and they'll email the answer right to you.  You'll find that the contributors to the MoveBuilder moving blog focus a little more on full service moving issues, where the U-Pack moving blog leans a little more toward self-moving issues. 

Speaking of the contributors…all of them are experts in the moving industry. In fact, you may recognize some of them as former U-Pack blog contributors.

So, check out the MoveBuilder moving blog at blog.movebuilder.com. Make sure to leave a comment to let them know what you think!