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New Home Party

July 12th, 2012 - 3:21 PM

Who doesn’t love a great party? I know I do! And what better time to throw one than when you’re moving into a new home? It’s a great time to let all your friends and family see your place – and it’s also an excellent excuse to speed up the process of getting boxes unpacked and everything put away. Here are some great tips and fun ideas for throwing a super-cool “we’ve moved to a new home” party! 

Choose a date and time that’s convenient for the majority of your guests.
You can usually do that by avoiding holiday weekends when many people already have plans. If the majority of your friends and family work during the week and have weekends off, the weekend would be a great time for a party – maybe a Saturday morning brunch, a Saturday afternoon cookout, or a Sunday afternoon dessert party. Whatever day/time you pick, you’ll want to give your guest plenty of advance notice, so they’ll be more likely to attend. Send invitations, emails, or make a Facebook event to invite them. And don’t forget to request an RSVP so you’ll know how much food to prepare.

Go easy on the decorations.
Since guests are coming over to see your new home, you don’t want them to be distracted by the decorations – and it’s just more to clean up in the end. It’s fine to decorate the food area with fresh flowers, etc, but don’t go crazy with balloons and streamers all through the house.

Make easy food.
I think you’ll find that finger food is not only easier to prepare, it can also be eaten easily while people mingle. You may have more guests than you do seats at your dining table, so having food that can be eaten standing up is ideal. Prepare random foods you like, or go with a theme – whatever fits your style best. You could do breakfast foods for a brunch, a dessert buffet, a Mexican Fiesta, etc. I once saw a cute buffet of “kid food,” like mini PBJ sandwiches, goldfish crackers, cookies and milk. Anything goes, as long as it’s easy for your guests to eat.

It’s Party Day!
On party day it’s a good idea to have a couple of friends or family members who are willing to help out. You’ll need someone to open the door and welcome guests while you give tours of your home, and someone to make sure everyone has snacks and drinks. Since the point of the party is for your guests to see your new home, make sure it’s open to them – keep doors and blinds open, and turn lights/lamps on. Then mingle and enjoy having a house full of friends!