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Moving Around the Holidays

November 12th, 2008 - 9:44 AM


Getting Stuff ED(ucation)

Thinking turkey? You're not alone…Thanksgiving is just around the corner! Lots of people move during the holidays (especially back home); the kids are out of school, people have a few days off, and getting settled before going back to work can be as comforting as a mother's hug. 

Holiday Moving
In the perfect scenario, would your shipment get delivered the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, giving you the entire holiday weekend to get unloaded and unpacked? That's possible with U-Pack Guaranteed.

Choose U-Pack Guaranteed to make sure you've got what you need to cook that wonderful Thanksgiving meal, to get the clothes you need to make a good first impression at your new job (they don't think you're ’quirky' when you wear the same thing day after day, they start questioning your personal hygiene), or to know exactly what day the special toy or ’blankey' you packed will arrive at your new home (no one enjoys a crying toddler).

U-Pack Expedited
Is getting your items to your destination really quick important to you?  If so, U-Pack Expedited is a good option. With U-Pack Expedited, we can speed up the process to get it to you faster than normal transit time.

The Cost of Moving U-Pack Guaranteed
Both U-Pack Guaranteed and U-Pack Expedited cost a little more than the standard service. But when you factor in the peace of mind that comes from knowing exactly what day your things will arrive, I think you'll find it to be a bargain. Just ask your U-Pack Moving Coordinator about the service and they'll get you a free moving quote. Then, you can plan for travel (advance reservations for travel can save $$) and plan your unloaders ahead of time (family and friends who owe you or professionals you've hired). 

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
That's right…If your shipment is not delivered on the guaranteed date; your invoice can be reduced by up to 100% of the total charges! We can make that offer because we know that when a shipment is "Guaranteed", it's watched like the last piece of pumpkin pie until it's delivered!

If this is the service you're looking for, give us a call at 800-240-7422 so we can help you determine the best date to load to get it there when you need it. We'd love to help make sure you're "home" for the Holidays!