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More than Moving

March 5th, 2008 - 11:01 AM

When I talk to customers on the phone, one of the challenges is "listening between the lines". We help figure out what you need to do and how U-Pack can make that happen.

Some customers just need a moving quote from City A to City B in different states. Those calls are the most straight forward, although I do hear some funny stories at times- like a caller with an exotic bird that "doesn't fly and it doesn't fly" (don't feel bad, it took me about 15 seconds to catch up with what she meant, too). She wanted to use U-Pack so she could drive herself and her pet in the comfort of her own car.

For other people moving and storage is a main concern. Customers use U-Pack to store items for a variety of reasons. Some are going on a honeymoon or a tour of duty. Some people are looking for a new house or remodeling a current home. Some customers use storage when they have absolutely no idea where they are going but know they are moving somewhere-these types of moves let me know that there are people out there a lot braver than me and I enjoy it when they call to move their shipment from storage to their destination and we get to talk about the new life they are starting.

We also help with moving students to college and later to the new city where they will be starting their careers. Some students move with us three or four times whether they go home between school years or on to graduate programs.

Not all calls are happy calls. I have talked to people who have to move items from estates or have to move people home due to illnesses. Sometimes we have to take a moment to not only work through the timing specifics but also the emotions of the move. I am so happy to work for a company that allows me to take time to help people instead of reading a script and hanging up the phone. I feel good knowing that people feel that a little of their burden has been lifted by me and U-Pack.

Another moving customer is the new retiree. Many people use U-Pack when they move to their "dream destinations". Whether it is a warmer climate, a house by a lake or a condo on a golf course, U-Pack has helped many people get to the home or retirement community they have thought about for 30-40 years. When people ask why the loading ramp doesn't travel on the trailers with their shipment my little joke is that they would all end up in Phoenix!

Just remember that whatever your situation, U-Pack is here to provide a moving solution. We are What Moves You.