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Instant Moving Quotes - 3 Simple Rules

July 13th, 2012 - 9:02 AM

It’s Flashback Friday! Today’s the day we revisit a blog post that readers have found helpful in the past. This week’s favorite focuses on instant moving quotes. 85% of the people who request a moving quote from U-Pack will receive their quote within seconds. If you’re among the 15% that need to be reviewed by a moving specialist, you’ll still get it quickly – within 24 hours. Happy Friday!

Reading over any type of paperwork isn't exactly my idea of fun, even when it's connected to an exciting life event like moving.  Even so, it's important to understand instant moving quotes and what they really mean. The price on the page may look all right— but what does it include?  Here are a few easy guidelines to follow when reading over an instant moving quote:

Instant Moving Quotes Rule #1: Double-check your personal information. Glance over the cities used for providing the quote—are they accurate? Make sure the towns and zip codes that you're moving to and from are listed correctly. It's rare, but sometimes even a slight change in location can make an impact on the price and serviceability in your area.

Instant Moving Quotes Rule #2: Look over the moving charges carefully. I know this seems like an obvious one, but it's an easy oversight when you're busy with coordinating a move.  Legitimate instant moving quotes will display the price clearly; you shouldn't have to search the page for the most important information.  Be sure to note the equipment type (U-Pack offers use of a moving trailer or moving container) as well as the price for each.     

Instant Moving Quotes Rule #3:  Read the entire quote—no cheating! While it's very tempting to gloss over extra information, it's necessary to make sure you're choosing a moving company that fits your needs. A U-Pack moving quote is less than a single page— quick and simple.

If you have questions about U-Pack's instant moving quotes (or need to get one), call or click today! 800-413-4799.