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How to Vote Absentee

October 30th, 2012 - 7:27 AM

Absentee voting is voting by someone who is unable to vote at their official polling station. For instance, if you are an active military member (like so many of our U-Pack military moving customers are), or if your move is taking place during “voting season,” or even just if you will be out of town for work on election day – you can absentee vote.

Absentee voting is a really simple process. Because most states have slightly different procedures for absentee voting, I’m going to give you the overall general directions, and then give you a resource where you can check out exactly how to absentee vote in your state.

A General Look at Absentee Voting
Each state is in charge of their own elections, so there’s no national standard for absentee voting. But most states look like this: first, you must be a registered voter. Then, you must request to be an absentee voter. The earlier you do this the better. Some states allow you to request online, while others require you to print and mail in a form. Next, they will mail you your ballot. You will vote in secret following the directions provided with your ballot. Then you mail or hand-deliver your ballot to the local board of elections or county clerk.

How to Absentee Vote in Your State
Every state is different, so be sure to check procedures and deadlines for your state. Check out the Federal Voting Assistance Program for information on your state’s guidelines. This site will walk you through what to do if you are active-duty military trying to absentee vote, along with citizens who are unable to vote in person. Next, you will select your state and go through the steps to request your absentee ballot.

Whether you vote in person or absentee, the important thing is to vote! Election day is November 6, 2012, so be sure you vote on or before that date! Don’t miss your chance to cast your vote.