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How to move to California

July 12th, 2012 - 3:30 PM

So you want to move to the Golden State, eh? Before you pack your bags, consider how you’re going to move to California. The first step is to gather moving quotes from different types of movers. You’ve got a lot of options—and you’ll want to be a smart spender because California is not the cheapest state to live in. Here are your options:

True DIY—Do it yourself, every little bit. This means packing up your car with all your belongings, or hopping on a plane and arriving with the bags in your hands. If you’re moving from the south or Midwest, it may cost less to move furniture and household goods than to replace them when you arrive in California.

DIY with a truckRental trucks are a good option for local moves, but not for moving to California. Rental trucks are notorious for being inconvenient and difficult to drive, not to mention gas guzzlers. If you’re moving to California in a rental truck, be prepared to shell out more money for fuel, hotel stays, and meals, as most rental trucks can’t go over 55 mph (more stops, more money).

DIY with U-Pack—Wouldn’t it be great to move with a company that has comparable prices to truck rental, but you don’t have to do the driving? “You pack, we drive” services like U-Pack have become a saving sensation for DIY movers in the past ten years. You can still save money and not have to drive. Get a free moving quote from U-Pack to see the savings add up!

DIY with Help—U-Pack lets you add on packing and loading help along with your self-move.

Full-ServiceTraditional Full-Service Movers vary greatly from U-Pack’s full-service sister company, MoveBuilder. With MoveBuilder, you get full value coverage included in the price with a full pack, load, and unload service. Expect this option to cost more than the options above, but you get to throw away the stress of doing it all yourself when you move to California.

Ready to go!
Now that you know the options for how to move to California, it’s time to get started! Snatch a free moving quote from U-Pack, and start comparing! If you need more information about how to move to California, let us know by commenting below!