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How to find summer travel deals

May 13th, 2013 - 3:50 PM

Are you planning summer travel?

One of the things people love most about moving with U-Pack is that they get to drive their own vehicle across the country—and many times that means taking a quick summer vacation along the way. I’m sure you’ve figured out that summer is quickly approaching. But if you haven’t thought through your travel plans yet, don’t worry; there are still plenty of summer travel deals out there for you. You just have to know where to look. So kick back, grab a lemonade, and let’s get to exploring where to find the deals to make the most of your trip!

How to find summer travel deals

The best advice I have before you start your search is to narrow down where you want to go. If you’re in the process of moving, you may want to find locations that won’t take you too far off the beaten path. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all of the offers if you don’t have some areas in mind. It may be easier to focus on a specific city or region, and then explore your options from there.

Now, once you have some areas in mind, here are some great places to look for summer travel deals:

TravelZoo.com has a page with the Top 20 travel deals released every Wednesday. To view the details of the deal, just sign up with your email address. You’ll receive email alerts specific to the area you want to visit.

Visit travel websites like hotwire.com, priceline.com, orbitz.com, expedia.com, kayak.com, or travelocity.com. Mostly all of these websites include a “deals” tab at the top of the page that lists their last minute summer travel deals.

If you’re up for a little adventure and mystery, consider Travelocity’s Top Secret Hotels. Basically, you can save up to 45% off the published price for the room. The catch is that you don’t know which hotel you’re staying at until the reservation is complete. What’s nice is that hotels participating in this promotion are all 3+ star hotels, and you get a list of the amenities before you commit.

Lastminute.com lives up to its name. You can search hotels, cars, cruises, and vacation packages, and activities designed specifically for the last minute traveler.

Check with your local city tourism website. For those who are looking for summer travel deals right at home, try visiting your city’s tourism website. You’ll find that the city might be offering a great deal to attract tourists and residents alike. For example, if you’re from Chicago or live nearby, you can visit choosechicago.com to find deals on Chicago attractions, dining, and much more!

Travel during the week. Just like the moving industry, the hotel and airline industry revolves around peak and off-peak times. You’ll likely be able to avoid crowds and get cheaper rates if you look for deals during the week.

Try a Daily Deal Site like Groupon or LivingSocial. Both sites offer deals for activities, dining, and sometimes hotels. Remember to subscribe to view deals of whatever city you’re traveling to.

Ask Clark! I love going to Clarkhoward.com’s travel page. You can find “Today’s HOT Travel Deals” and recent travel advice straight from Clark himself. Clark is a consumer expert that helps Americans save more and spend less.

Look for freebies. Look for free things like free kids’ meals, free nights, free room upgrades, etc. during your travel. Hotels like to offer freebies to entice the customer to stay with them without slashing their prices. Plus, the freebies could help you offset some of your expenses during the trip, especially if the kids’ meals are free or you get a free night’s stay.

Take a cruise. If you live near a cruise port, you can save big on a cruise because you don’t have to drive yourself to the departure port. Plus, the money you save can be spent on things not included in the cruise price, like spa services, off-boat excursions, and adult beverages.

Book a vacation package. Book your flight/car and hotel together to maximize savings. Bundling as much as you can often means lower rates.

Go all-inclusive. This type of summer travel deal includes it all for one price, even gratuity, alcohol, excursions, and meals! And it’s likely that during the downward slope of summer and into early fall, you’ll be able to find great deals to all-inclusives in places like Mexico and the Caribbean.

Do you have tips for finding summer travel deals?

We’ve shared our tips for finding summer travel deals, now it’s time to share yours! Leave us a comment below with your tip. We’d love to hear from you! And don’t forget, these deals are just waiting to be found. Let the hunt begin!