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How much is it to move?

July 9th, 2012 - 3:44 PM

That’s a great question, and as you may already know, every move is unique, so there's no standard way of answering it. In fact, the only way to know for sure is to start getting moving quotes. You'll find that your moving cost is based on a few different factors that come together to make the final cost:

  • Where you’re moving from and to
  • When you’re moving
  • How much you’re moving

Almost every time you request a moving quote to figure out how much it is to move from one location to another, you'll be asked these three things.

Find out how much it is to move by comparing quotes
U-Pack makes it easy to answer the question “How much is it to move?” Just get an instant moving quote online, then once you know U-Pack’s price, use our moving expenses chart to see how much you’ll spend on your move with U-Pack compared to full-service and self-move companies. It’s a great way to rank moving companies by price and quality. 

And that brings me to another great point: When you’re getting moving quotes, and trying to find the best moving company for your move, it’s important to not only look at price, but quality too. Ranking movers by price may be easy, but ranking them by quality can be a different story. I think you'll find that determining what your most important needs are, and asking the right questions are keys to finding just the right mover. Here's a good place to start: Ask yourself if you're willing to give up any of these perks in return for a lower price:

  • Dependability: Do you need a guaranteed move date, or is your move-out date flexible?  
  • Flexibility: Do you prefer options for paying less if you use less/more if you need more – or do you prefer a rate that only changes if you need more?
  • Reliability: Do you prefer a company that owns their own equipment and has their own drivers or are you okay with a brokering service that “bids” out your move?
  • Convenience: Do you prefer a company that delivers the moving truck (or containers) door-to-door, or are you okay with picking up, driving and returning the moving truck on your own?
  • Security: Do you prefer a shipment that isn’t co-mingled or transferred, or are you okay with other household belongings being loaded onto the truck with your belongings?
  • Storage: Do you prefer your belongings to stay right where you load them in storage, or are you okay with them being unloaded into a storage facility and re-loaded once it’s time for delivery?  

How much is it to move with U-Pack?

First, I’ll tell you how the U-Pack service corresponds to the needs I mentioned above?

  • Once you’ve made a reservation, your move-out day is guaranteed. If you need a guaranteed date for move-in, U-Pack offers that by adding U-Pack Guaranteed.
  • With U-Pack, you pay based on the space you use in the moving trailer or the number of ReloCubes you use. So if you use less, you pay less. If you need more, it’ always available.
  • Almost every U-Pack shipment is transported by ABF Freight System, Inc., one of the nation’s most reliable carriers.
  • U-Pack offers door-to-door service to over 90% of the United States. Or you can save more money by loading and unloading at the ABF service center closest to your home.
  • U-Pack only moves one household goods move per trailer. After you load and install the bulkhead wall, we’ll load any remaining space with palletized, boxed or crated commercial goods moving in the same direction. It’s a great way to save!

Now, here’s how to get a U-Pack moving quote: just enter the locations you’re moving from and to, your estimated move date, the size of your home and your email address. We’ll send a no-obligation quote right away.

If you have more questions about how much it is to move with U-Pack, call 800-413-4799 or leave a comment below. We’ll be happy to help!