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How much does it cost to move to Boston?

April 12th, 2013 - 9:05 AM

Moving to Boston

Moving to one of the oldest cities in the United States is a big deal. Not only will you find yourself surrounded in rich American history, you’ll find yourself loving all the amenities big city life has to offer. If you’re ready to make the move to Boston, then let’s start talking cost.

How much does it cost to move to Boston?

You’ll find that many Boston moving companies won’t be able to give you a moving estimate until they get your specific move information first. They’ll want to know how much you’re moving, when you plan on moving, and what city you’re moving from. All these factors are taken into consideration before you can know the estimated price of your long distance move.
My suggestion is to go ahead and start clicking or calling to get moving quotes once you have your move information ready. This is a great way to see which options fit your moving budget. Click here to start comparing with a free moving quote from U-Pack, a “you pack, they drive” moving service with rates comparable to renting a truck.

Comparing your Boston moving options

You’ll quickly notice when comparing your quotes that U-Pack does things a little differently. U-Pack combines the perks of truck rental (low cost) and full-service (no driving) to give you an affordable move without having to drive a rental truck. See, U-Pack does the driving for you – all you do is load and unload! And you’ll want to save every penny because the cost of living in Boston can run high. Remember, U-Pack rates are similar to truck rental, so it just makes sense to move with U-Pack and not have to drive.

Has full-service piqued your interest but the high price has you concerned? Then take my recommendation and tack on loading or unloading help to your U-Pack move. U-pack offers access to a nationwide network of experienced moving crews for one or both ends of your move. And in most cases, a U-Pack move plus loaders costs less than a traditional full-service mover. You can get a moving quote to compare.

As you can see above, U-Pack has you covered for almost any moving situation imaginable.

Of course, the best thing I like about U-Pack is that you pay for what you use. With traditional moving options, you either pay for the weight of your belongings or a specific truck size. But not with U-Pack. Because you only pay for the amount of space you use, you can really save big.  The less space you use in the moving equipment, the less you pay. It really is an ingenious idea that helps you stay in control of your moving cost. 

How moving to Boston works with U-Pack

Now that you know about how great U-Pack’s rates are and that you only pay for what you use, let’s get into the specifics of how the move would actually work. If you’re moving to an area in Beantown where parking and space may be limited, you will need to obtain a parking permit in order to do your moving. Be sure to call your U-Pack representative (800-413-4799) to see if your area requires a parking permit. If it does, your move would work like this:

  • U-Pack delivers the moving equipment to you.
  • You load.
  • U-Pack drives your belongings to your new home in Beantown.
  • You unload within one hour (or more hours for an additional fee) with the help of your friends or experienced loading or unloading help recommended by U-Pack.
  • U-Pack takes away the empty equipment when you’re done unloading.

U-Pack completes many moves to Boston each year, so you can trust that U-Pack will make your move to Boston easy whether you have to deal with limited parking or not.

If your area does not require a parking permit, a typical U-Pack move would work like this:

  • U-Pack delivers your moving equipment to you. 
  • You get three business days to load.
  • U-Pack drives your belongings to your new home in Boston.
  • You get three business days to unload.
  • U-Pack picks up the empty equipment when you’re done.

Yes, it really is that easy for a door-to-door move. Now it’s just up to you to call to see your U-Pack moving price. When you get your moving quote from U-Pack, you’ll see that it includes all transportation costs (including fuel and an experienced driver), as well as taxes, tolls, and standard liability coverage. What a great deal considering those are all additional costs with truck rental!

Moving to Boston? Go U-Pack!

If you’re ready to make the affordable move to Boston where you don’t have to drive a rental truck, then I suggest using U-Pack. You can even add on a moving crew to make it more like full-service, so what are you waiting for?

Call 800-413-4799 to get a free moving quote. If you have any questions about how a U-Pack Boston move works, I’m here to help. Just leave me a comment below.