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How much does it cost to move out of California?

April 8th, 2013 - 8:16 AM

How much does moving from California cost?

Now that you’re thinking about moving away from California, the rest of the U.S. is at your fingertips! But before you can take on your next adventure, you’ve got to actually move your belongings to your new state of choice. And as you know, moving long distance costs money. So, how much does it cost to move out of California and on to your new home? Let’s take a look at the costs together.

The cost of moving out of California – Who you move with

While it may be expensive to live in California, the cost of moving from California can be affordable – it just all depends on who you move with. Typically, a “you pack, we drive” moving service like U-Pack will be the most affordable way to move. U-Pack offers prices comparable to truck rental, but you don’t have to drive. What a great idea! The quickest way to determine the cost of your move is to compare prices. Just enter your basic move information and get a free moving quote from U-Pack to compare to traditional moving companies.

Your California moving cost - Where you’re moving

It not only matters who you move with, but where you’re moving from in California and where you’re moving to once you leave the Golden State. Since we’re talking about moving long distance, I suggest using this rental truck fuel calculator to see what gas could cost you in a rental truck. You see, truck rental companies usually don’t include the cost of fuel into the rate to rent the truck - that’s an extra cost out of your pocket that can really add up! But with U-Pack, the cost of fuel is included in your U-Pack quote. And because U-Pack does the driving, your only fuel cost (if you choose to drive) will be the gas to fill up your personal vehicle - which should be a lot less than filling up a gas-guzzling rental truck.

The cost to move out of California – How much you’re moving

Many people moving out of California want to get to save as much money as they can on their move. If that’s you, then you should know about U-Pack’s trailer option. Unlike truck rental, where you pay for the entire truck whether you fill it up all the way or not, you only pay for the amount of space you use with U-Pack.

For example, if you are moving a three-bedroom home, you might go for a 26 ft. truck because you think it will give you more than enough space. So you fill it up and you’re right, you have plenty of space left over. But guess what? You still have to pay for that leftover space.

Not with U-Pack.

A typical three-bedroom home in U-Pack’s trailer takes up about 19 ft. of trailer space. If you get a quote for 19 ft., but fit all your belongings into 17 ft., then the 17 ft. of trailer space is what you pay for. With U-Pack, you can use as much or as little space as you need because you only pay for what you use. If you need more space, U-Pack will adjust your rate accordingly “per foot.” U-Pack customers love the trailer flexibility! Try out U-Pack’s space estimator tool to determine how much space you’ll use in the trailer.

How much does it cost to move out of California?

The cost of moving out of California can be reasonable if you choose an affordable moving solution like U-Pack. Remember, who you choose to move with, the distance between your old home and new home, and how much you have to move all play a role in determining the final price of your move. Start comparing U-Pack to traditional moving options today by clicking or calling 800-413-4799 to get a free moving quote. I think you’ll find U-Pack to be the most affordable and convenient way to move out of California.

If you have questions, I’m just a comment away, so leave me one below. I’m happy to help!

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