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Gary and The Honey Badger | Chapter Two

By Guest
October 24th, 2012 - 10:41 AM

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Chapter Two

The beauty of the U-Pack moving method is that I loaded up the trailer on my schedule. So I don't feel so guilty about not getting it done on a moments notice or at a certain time, causing me to miss life as it happens. The Honey Badger was in LA for three days visiting her daughter. So when she suggested meeting Saturday at her mountain home up over the pass, outside of the Seattle rain belt, everything else had to wait.

I skipped all my weekend sports – football, baseball playoffs – everything. Tip to guys: DVR it and spend time with your love. I got there a bit after noon on Saturday and found her and her two dogs walking down the road that leads to the mountain house. Did some hiking – with our combined four dogs, one of mine had to stay behind and guard the U-Pack trailer – and then we spent the afternoon brie and crackering by the fire with a nice bottle of Grenache Blanc from Zaca Mesa that arrived a few days earlier with my bi-monthly cellar club shipment. Best wine I have found. Never had a bottle of ZM wine that wasn't superb. No, I don't get paid for that endorsement, just your thanks after you taste their product. 

There is a very nice winery and restaurant about 5 miles away from the mountain home, and we decided to visit it for dinner. There was a band that started at 7pm and the Honey Badger wanted to eat in the great hall where the band would be playing. I thought a quiet dinner in the restaurant would be better, but I am very quickly learning that the forethought and judgment of the Honey Badger are well thought out and have been the right way to do things every time I have said "whatever you want to do is fine with me." The Badger prefers to be where the action is, and it is keeping me young. 

The band was not "Too Loud," we had a blast watching the children dance, and she even got me on the floor for a couple of numbers. It is quite nice to be the envy of every man in the room, and she has the dance floor moves that make men stare.

Sunday morning found me fixing bacon and eggs with Italian toast and what else, honey. Another hike in the rain with the 4 four-legged dogs and their two-legged humans and then it was time to load up and head for our respective homes. Shakespeare lied, parting is not sweet sorrow. It is difficult and heart wrenching. Good news is that we have dinner planned for a bit of a dim sum tomorrow night in Bellevue. 

I will get my workout at the gym this afternoon, and tomorrow I plan to start putting things in the U-Pack trailer. The big things have to wait for a couple of other guys to help with, but the rest I can do as I have time. 

And while I think of it, I couldn't resist giving the Honey Badger a polished black stone in the shape of a heart with a white ring around it. You know, pick up a few rocks, look at them, and then say, "Oh, look at this?" "Here, you have my heart." My friend and the greates songwriter of the last century, Mickey Newbury, said: 

time, it is a circle
and a circle has no end
a man can ramble around so long
the ending is where he begins

So stay tuned for the actual packing of the U-Pack trailer and a report on the dim sum dinner in the next blog on my journey from the northwet to the sunny desert of the southwest. And your positive thought directed to Gary and the Honey Badger will be greatly appreciated. I will skip the gym Wednesday and get my workout loading the trailer. Another benefit of moving the U-Pack way – good, healthy exercise. 

Now if I can just prepare myself for some lonely days as this romance sorts itself out, or in. 

– Gary Ryan