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Easter Crafts for Kids: Eggs, Recipes, and More!

March 28th, 2013 - 2:52 PM

Easy Easter Craft Projects

Easter is a wonderful holiday. There is so much to celebrate! From the fun of the Easter bunny and the eggs, to the celebration of the Risen Lord. And there are fun Easter crafts to go along with all of that! Check out these awesome ideas for Easter craft projects – including eggs, snacks and more!

Easter Bunny Crafts for Kids

Everyone loves the Easter bunny! From his big floppy ears to his cotton tail, you can celebrate the Easter bunny with these fun crafts.

One craft that would be perfect for giving away is this adorable Easter bunny flower pot from Pretty Opinionated. With a little paint and some construction paper, you can make a cute Easter gift. This would be perfect to plant some tulips or lilies in!


Easter crafts: Easter bunny flower pot

For a fun Easter recipe that is easy to make, check out these Bunny Cars from Free-n-Fun Easter. With a few store bought items, you can easily assemble them into super cute (and yummy) treats. (Tip: If Twinkies are hard to come by in your area, look for the TastyKake Dreamies, a very similar replacement).


Easter crafts: Bunny cars

Another "bunny" Easter recipe that your kids will love is Bunny Bait. A favorite in our house, Bunny Bait is a great snack mix that you can make with your kids. In our house, we used to leave a bowl out to lure the Easter bunny in, much like Santa's cookies! Here is an Easter recipe for Bunny Bait from Life in the Green House.


Easter treats: Bunny bait

Easter Egg Crafts for Kids

Dyeing eggs with vinegar is smelly and messy! Instead, try these fun Easter egg crafts as a replacement. These may be good Easter crafts for older kids, as they require a little bit of coordination.

My favorite Easter egg craft is the Marbled Egg from Tot School. I am going to try making these with my cousins this year! You use Cool Whip, food coloring, and a special technique to make these beautiful marbled eggs!


Easter egg coloring

If your kids can be trusted with permanent markers, why not color your eggs? This idea is from Mom.Me. You can get really creative with your designs and make eggs that are masterpieces!


Easter egg designs

For an edible egg treat, check out this Easter recipe for Krispie Eggs from The Pioneer Woman. Using a traditional recipe for Krispie Treats, she stuffs the treats into plastic eggs, filing them with candy. Let your kids decorate them for an even more festive look!


Easter egg krispie treats

Religious Easter Crafts for Kids

These Easter crafts celebrate the spiritual celebration of Easter! Some to make, and some to eat!

My favorite Easter recipe is for Resurrection Rolls. Using the recipe from Growing Gourmets, you can walk your kids through the resurrection story from the Bible as you make these rolls. When they are finished baking, the rolls are hollow, like the empty tomb! This is one Easter craft your kids will love making year after year!


Religious Easter Crafts: Resurrection rolls

After you dye your Easter eggs, you can make a beautiful egg carton cross! Housing a Forest gives you great directions for making the cross, along with some ideas for decorating it.


Religious Easter Crafts: Egg carton cross

Also from Housing a Forest is this beautiful colorful cross. Kids of any age would love making this beautiful cross art. I could definitely see you framing this and bringing it out each year at Easter. Crafts that are keepsakes are the best!

Easter Coloring Pages for Kids

Kids of all ages love to color! Coloring pages are great Easter crafts for little kids because they only need to be able to hold the crayon! You can find tons of Easter coloring pages here.


ABF Easter coloring pages

I hope you enjoy doing these Easter crafts with your kids! Be sure and share photos of your crafts with us on our U-Pack Facebook page. Have even more Easter craft ideas? Leave us a comment below.