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Breaking Down Moving Company Quotes

July 3rd, 2013 - 12:49 PM

Moving Company Quotes

Are you moving soon? Do you have a budget you are trying to stick to? When you are moving, the best way to stick to your moving budget is by getting quotes from moving companies to make sure you choose a company that fits your needs. These moving quotes will show you two things: 1) how much your move will cost, and 2) what services are included for that cost. Once you have that information, you can narrow down which moving company is for your move.

How to Get Moving Company Quotes

Each individual company will offer moving quotes in a different way. Here are the 3 main ways you can get a quote.

  • Online - Very few companies will give you an instant quote online. U-Pack is one that gives you a quote directly. If you want a quote online right now, you can click to get a free moving quote from U-Pack in just a few clicks. No hoops to jump through.
  • By Phone – Some moving companies require you to call in to get a quote. This can be tricky, as you may waste precious time on the phone being pressured with a sales spiel.
  • Combining Online & Phone - Other companies will require you to fill out a form online, get a quote number, and then call for a price. That’s a lot of work.
  • In House – Other moving companies have to come to your house for an in-house estimate, where you walk them through your home and they estimate the cost to move all your things.

Compare Moving Company Quotes

Not all quotes are created equal. The moving rates listed in your quotes likely include different services.

  • Self Service Quotes - The moving quote you get from U-Pack above includes the moving equipment (delivered right to your door), 3 days to load, all the transportation (the moving equipment, experienced driver, fuel, and transportation costs), and 3 days to unload. It also includes the pick-up of the equipment when you are finished. That’s a lot of stuff included in your price.
  • Rental Truck Quotes - If you are checking quotes for rental truck companies, your quote will only include the rental truck and a set number of days and miles – it doesn’t include fuel, taxes, tolls, or liability coverage.
  • Full Service QuotesFull-service movers typically quote, or estimate, your price based on the estimated weight of your shipment. So if your stuff weighs more than you originally estimated, you will have extra fees. A full service quote includes the loading, transportation, and unloading. Some may include the packing supplies and packing services, while others may not.

So when you are comparing quotes, be sure and compare services along with price. Make sure you are getting your money’s worth in your quote.

Don’t overpay for your move!

After you weigh your options, you need to narrow it down to the moving company quote that fits your moving budget and your needs. Be sure you aren’t paying for services you don’t need, and that you don’t get stuck paying more than you can afford. If you have questions about getting moving company quotes, or moving with U-Pack, just leave a comment below. And for more information, check out these helpful links.

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