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Best Travel Blogs to Follow in 2013

February 14th, 2013 - 9:46 AM

I find it exciting and fun to read about people who are moving across country or even across the globe to explore and spend their time in a completely different place. My friend recently moved to China to teach English, but unfortunately she isn’t blogging about her travel adventures. So, to satisfy my need to read about all things travel, I did some research on the best travel blogs to follow in 2013. Take a look!

Digital Nomad. Andrew is a photographer for National Geographic. You can follow his adventures (and learn a thing or two about photography) on his blog. He documents all of his trips – he’s been to Scotland, Tanzania, and so many other places around the world. You can follow him on Twitter at @WheresAndrew.

Bridges and Balloons. Victoria and Steve have been traveling the world since March 2012. They’re in South American now to explore the way people live there. They’re also both vegetarians, so some of their posts concentrate on vegetarian foods and restaurants in the countries they visit. Where they’ll go next? Who knows! Follow their blog to keep up.

Camels & Chocolate. Kristin is a professional travel writer – how neat is that?! She has visited more than 80 countries and is not yet 30 years old. With a lot of time and a lot of the world to cover, Kristin is the definition of a travel addict. See all the destinations she’s been to here.

Two Backpackers. Jason and Aracely have one life goal in mind – travel as much as possible. They completed their first long-term trip as a couple in 2010. You will enjoy their travel photos, travel tips, and the details of their experiences as a couple traveling across the world. Right now, they’re in South America.

Wandering Earl. Earl has been traveling since 2000. That’s 13 years of traveling under his belt, so you know he has some good stories and photos to share. He’s been to more than 70 countries on six continents. If you’re interested in travel, Earl has an awesome list of travel resources just for you!  

Fox Nomad. If you love travel and technology, then follow Anil. He’s on a journey to visit every single country in the world. As a professional computer hacker (the good kind he says) for six years, Anil combines his passion for technology and travel into a blog that you’ll be hard pressed not to spend countless hours on.

I’ve shared what I think are the best travel blogs for 2013, so now it’s time to share yours! Leave me a comment and let me know what you think are the best travel blogs.