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Best Moving Tips and Advice

November 15th, 2013 - 3:53 PM

Wait. I’m a Moving Expert?

Had you told me 20 years ago that someday I would work for a moving company, I may have called you crazy. Up to the point of graduating from high school, I moved exactly ONE time—at the wise age of one, so memories of that day are a bit hazy. :) 

But 10 years later, with 13 moves under my belt (granted a few were when everything I owned fit snuggly into the back of my ’92 Pontiac Grand Am), I walked through the doors at U-Pack Moving and after some extensive training, began helping customers from all over the U.S. plan long-distance moves. It wasn’t until then that I realized just how truly unique every family’s situation is, and how challenging moving can be.

We call ourselves “moving experts” here, but we don’t take those words lightly. They come from years of communicating with customers before, during and after their moves; speaking with representatives from other moving companies; speaking with our own drivers; and learning from other people’s experiences. We’ve gained a lot of knowledge along the way, and much of it can be incredibly valuable as you plan your next move across the country.  

As I think about the things that people are most often concerned about when it comes to moving long distance, there are a few things that stand out:

  1. Cheap moving options aren’t limited to truck rental

If there’s one thing U-Pack customers are most surprised by, it’s that the cost isn’t that different from what you would pay to rent a truck and drive it yourself. That may be a little difficult to imagine since “you pack, we drive” services do more of the work for you. But because of how these services are structured (with costs like fuel, taxes, liability coverage, etc., built in), it’s often the case.When you’re paying for your own move—in contrast to your employer paying for it—saving money is a big, big deal. Moving companies like U-Pack were created to take the burden of driving away from people who need a cheaper way to move.

  1. An in-home estimate isn’t always necessary

You’ve heard of this, right? It’s where a moving company representative comes to your home, looks at your stuff, and “estimates” how much it weighs. If you’re getting prices from full-service movers that base the cost on weight, an in-home estimate is necessary. But if you’re saving money by going the “you pack, we drive” route, you can do an online space estimator and get an accurate estimate of the space you’ll need. For many families, it’s a simpler, cheaper, less invasive way to move.

  1. When you move matters

If you get a moving quote in the fall, winter, or early spring, prices will almost always be lower than what you’ll see in the late spring and summer. A good rule of thumb is that if school is in session, moving rates are usually cheaper. In some cases, you’ll also see lower prices based on the day you move. If you can avoid Monday or a Friday, you may be able to save enough money to fill up your gas tank a couple of times along the way. When you’re moving, every dollar counts!

  1. How much you move matters

For so many people, letting go and leaving things behind is soooo hard to do. But, if you’re trying to chisel some off the cost of your move, getting rid of things is a great way to do it. If your price is based on the linear footage your shipment occupies in the trailer (read more about what a linear foot is), and you have a “per-foot adjustment rate” that is subtracted for every linear foot you don’t use, you can see how only moving what you need is a great way to save money!

  1. How you pack and load matters

Everyone wants their belongings to move across the country safely, and following best practices go a long way in making sure that happens. If you’re not familiar with proper packing and loading techniques, spend some time reading through our tips to get a better idea of what to expect (and what to do) on moving day. Pack it high, tight, and secure. While safety is of upmost importance when you’re talking about packing and loading, doing it the right way can also be a HUGE money saver—packing high and tight usually means you’ll use less space in the trailer!

  1. Planning is essential

Planning doesn’t come naturally for everyone, but if you’re moving across the country, planning is one of the best things you can do to ensure a successful move. With access to the internet, that’s a LOT easier to do. Print off a week-by-week moving checklist and put it inside a folder that is especially designed for your move. This is where you’ll keep all the essentials that you may need throughout the process (and after). Those who end up with the most affordable moving costs are typically those who start planning early and spend quality time researching.

What are your big concerns when it comes to moving across the country? Are you worried about the cost, logistics (like where you’ll park the truck and how long it’ll take to move), getting your belongings there safely, or another unique circumstance? Moving has a tendency to be overwhelming, and we’re happy to help you through the transition!

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