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5 Best NFL Stadiums

September 14th, 2011 - 9:10 AM
It's football season.   Know how I know?  The DVR is full, my husband is glued to both his laptop and the television, and  most nights of the week include much more aggressive jumping and yelling that you would have seen last month, or the month before.   Of course, my husband is the manager of an NFL team…kind of.   Fantasy Football is alive and well at our house.  

Which brings me to this:  I have a feeling we aren't the only ones who'll be donning jerseys several nights of the week to cheer on our favorite college and NFL teams (Go Hogs!  Go Cowboys!).   If you're a lover of all-things-football, I think you'll find this infographic, just released in the U-Pack press room, very interesting.   It's a list of the Top 5 NFL Stadiums in the U.S.  based on price, food, tailgating, team, atmosphere and accessibility.   Take a look.   Is your team on the list?  (Mine didn't make it.   *sniff*)