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10 Best Home Organization Blogs

February 6th, 2013 - 10:19 AM

Confession time. I am not the neatest, tidiest person. This fault of mine has bothered those closest to me my entire life, from my mother, to my saintly sweet college roommate, and now my husband. Their cry has always been the same, “Brittney, you have too much stuff and nowhere to put it!” So, I started reading some home organizing blogs years ago. Now, I'm not a pro at this yet, but my home is much more organized than my dorm room or the first one-bedroom apartment my husband and I shared. I'm learning so much from these great organizing blogs, and hope they'll be helpful for you, too.

  1. I Heart Organizing- This is one of the best organizing blogs. At first glance, Jen’s blog looks fun and whimsical and full of sweet candy colors. But once you start reading, she will wow you with her ability to organize anything. Her photography is beautiful, too. I never thought pictures of a kitchen pantry would make me want to be a better photographer, but her photos do. My favorite feature on Jen’s blog is her kitchen cabinet tour which will give you a fresh start on your home.
  2. Simple Organized Living- My favorite section on Andrea’s blog for organizing is the “Clutter Control” section. As I told you before, I have too much stuff. So, Andrea’s advice on purging and storage has been invaluable to me when it comes to decluttering my home. I won’t tell which created more surplus upon purging, my shoe collection or my crazy collection of plastic food storage containers.
  3. Organize with Sandy- Sandy gave me some great perspective on organizing. She has a post about how clutter can make you late. I feel like I’m always running behind when I get ready in the mornings, so I was convinced after reading her post to conquer the clutter in my life. She has great room-by-room posts for organizing each area in your home, as well as neat how-to’s for the crafty folks such as how-to create chalkboard labels for jars. This is one of the top 10 organization blogs for sure.
  4. Delightful Order- Once you land on DaNita’s organization website, you will see a looooong list of posts on organization, complete with pictures from each project. One really great post she did was how to organize for a garage sale. Her post has inspired me to have my own garage sale after I organize every inch of my house.
  5. Deliciously Organized- The organization section on Carlee’s blog (go straight there, don’t be tempted by the beautiful photos of delicious food!), is chock full of organizational gems. As a makeup diva, I especially enjoy her posts about organizing her makeup and makeup brushes. Carlee scours the internet for beautiful photos of organized spaces and then details how you can create the similar look and feel. She is a helpful organizational curator, if you will.  
  6. Storage Glee-Canadian Laurence is another curator of sorts, bringing together some of the best organizational ideas from all around the internet together in one place. I don’t have time to read every organizational website out there, but it seems Laurence does! She re-posts great ideas she finds on other home organization websites. She says she writes “in defense of artful storage” and she really does give you ideas for storage beyond plastic bins and drawer separators.
  7. A Thousand Words- Jen is a mom from New Zealand who writes about her life, baking, and organization (which she spells organisation because she hails from England). Once you get to Jen’s blog, you can select the “organising” label, and see some of her fabulous ideas. She has a great post about her original DIY method of organizing flip flops for her family (living on the beach means they have plenty of sandals laying around), to closets, to organizing food lists for parties.
  8. Organizing Junkie- Self-proclaimed “organizing freak” Laura writes this blog. It is full of room-by-room storage solutions, tips, tools, and planning information for organizing everything from your home to your family menu. Laura is a true expert. She has a professional organizing business and wrote the book Clutter Rehab. She takes all that expertise and gives you great info on her organization blog.
  9. The Stow Company- This pick is a little different from the others as it is a group blog. Written by employees of The Stow Company (who make organization solutions), this blog shows you creative ways to get organized. I especially love their post Conquering My closet: 69 Pairs of Shoes. I wish I could get my shoe collection down to 69 pairs!
  10. FlyLady- The FlyLady (who gets her name from her love of flyfishing) is a great resource for learning how to be organized. She has a 31 day system that will slowly ease you in to being the organized home manager of your dreams. It all starts with shining your sink! You can also sign up for email newsletters and other resources to help you on your home organization journey.


Bonus! I couldn’t stop at just 10 when thinking of the best blogs for organization. For even more organization blogs, check out these sites too!

A Fresh Start – This Organization blog will help you reclaim your home. You’ll love her 28 Days to Fall in Love With Your Home series.
Unclutterer – This organization website is perfect for anyone who considers themselves a pack rat.

Do you have any favorite home organization blogs you follow that we should add to our list? Leave us a comment!