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Moving Boxes: Fun Crafts for Kids

Cardboard is a big source of waste in areas all over the world, making it very important to recycle and reuse it when possible. Kids can begin to learn how to recycle at an early age by using recyclable materials, such as cardboard, in many craft projects. Art projects can be expensive, but using materials you already have means you are recycling and saving money. Kids, parents, and teachers can use materials found in their homes and schools in their art projects, such as paper towel tubes, bottle caps, and shoestrings. Green art supplies are also a good choice as they are non-toxic and environmentally-friendly. Use the following sources to find many fun crafts using cardboard and other recycled materials.

For Kids:

Recycled Art Projects
Ideas for involving students in art projects by using discarded items for recycled art projects, such as musical instruments made from salvaged materials.
Cardboard Recycling Crafts
Web page featuring tons of fun craft projects using old cardboard boxes, including organizers, decorations, and kids crafts.
Bulletin Board
Instructions on how to make a bulletin board using cardboard, newspaper, paper, an old t-shirt and some decorative accessories.
Egg Carton Crafts
Here you will find a page of fun crafts using cardboard egg cartons, including egg carton flowers, jewelry boxes, and animals.
Crafts from Recycled Products
Step by step guides to making your own crafts using recycled products from landfills and collected recyclable products.
Nesting Supply Box for Birds
Instructions on how to build a nesting box for birds and fill it with yarn, string, and other materials for birds to nest in.
Box Barn Craft
Learn how to make a cute toy barn with doors that open and close by using a cardboard box, paint, and scissors.
Egg Carton Cat Craft
This web page shows how to make a cat easily from an egg carton, marker, scissors, glue, and decorative craft items.
Cardboard Medieval Castle
Step by step guide to making a medieval castle using a cardboard box with a template provided.

For Teachers:

Building Castles
Lesson plan for students to develop their research skills on the Internet and learn about the architectural elements of a castle and how to design one.
This page has a collection of printable games, activities, and projects that use a wide range of materials such as cardboard.
Egg Incubator
Brief “how-to” on how to create an egg incubator out of two cardboard boxes and a few other common materials.
Cereal Box Sandals
Learn how to make simple sandals from your favorite colorful cereal box, as well as scissors, a pencil, and packaging tape.
Cardboard Tube Pilgrims & Indians
Instructions on how to make cute pilgrims and Native American characters from cardboard paper towel tubes or toilet paper tubes.
TP Roll Turkey
Guide to creating toilet paper tube turkeys for Thanksgiving with a toilet paper tube, scissors, construction paper, pencil, googly eyes, and glue.
Fun Thanksgiving Crafts
This page is full of fun Thanksgiving day crafts for families to do together, including a turkey place holder and a candy corn pilgrim hat.
Thanksgiving Day Craft
Steps for making an easy replica of the “Mayflower” ship for a great Thanksgiving decoration that kids can also play with.
32 Things to Make Using a Cardboard Box
List of 32 things that can be made from cardboard, such as furniture, crafts, and games.
Thanksgiving Place Card Holders
Instructions on how to make Thanksgiving place card holders featuring different Thanksgiving things, such as a pilgrim hat, Indian headband, cornucopia, and Indian corn.

For Parents:

Odds and Ends Frame
Instructions on how to make a picture frame with recycled items, including buttons, shells, beans, string and other decorative items.
Home Shadow Puppet Activity
Guide to making a shadow-puppet stage and puppets using cardboard boxes, as well as different ways for kids to play with boxes.
Elmer's Projects
This web page has a variety of cardboard box projects, such as a memo board, Halloween card, plant pokes, wall art, and travel mug.
List of cardboard projects using recycled materials, including a party lantern, candle holder, and Christmas decorations.
Cardboard Box Ideas
Here you will find many fun cardboard box projects, including cars, costumes, an easel, and toys.
Build a Cardboard Table
Learn how to make a table and other pieces of furniture for your room from a cardboard box.
Recycled Chalkboard
Instructions on how to make a chalkboard from recycled materials, including a cardboard box, paints, cotton cord, and chalkboard paint.
Turkey Plant Poke
Information on how to make an easy turkey plant poke with corrugated cardboard, hole punch, wooden skewer, scissors, and craft glue.
Cardboard Box Crafts
List of cardboard box crafts that use various recycled materials, including cardboard boxes, paints, and decorative items.
Rainy Day Entertainment with Cardboard
This web page has several great rainy day projects for children using old cardboard boxes and other household materials.

Go Green:

Eco Art Supplies Exist
Article discussing the existence of eco-friendly art supplies, such as recycled journals, basket-weaving kits, non-toxic colored pencils, and hemp paper products.
Are Art Supplies Toxic?
Learn about toxins found in some types of art supplies and what to look for on the labels to choose non-toxic options.
Eco-Friendly Art Supplies for Green Kids
List of the top 5 eco-friendly art supplies for children who prefer to use only green products that are non-toxic.
A Rainbow of Green Art Supplies
Article about green art supplies and how they can be made at home with ingredients, such as beeswax and soy.
Safe and Eco-Friendly Art Supplies
Learn how to avoid toxic hazards found in many art supplies by getting informed and choosing only non-toxic and eco-friendly art supplies.
Earth Day and Recycling
Lesson plan on Earth Day and recycling to help students understand the importance of recycling and being environmentally-friendly.
Ways to Go Green in the Classroom
List of 50 ways to go green in the classroom, including using green school supplies and recycled materials in school projects.
Green Lesson Plans for the Classroom
Collection of green lesson plans for the classroom that teaches students to implement the use of reusable and renewable materials to save energy.
Green Art Supplies
Learn about the best green art supplies for children that are environmentally friendly and non-toxic.
Art from Trash
Article that takes a look at several pieces of art made from recycled materials by innovative artists.