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Tips for Moving from Minnesota

No matter where you’re moving from in the state of Minnesota, one thing is certain: You can move affordably without having to drive!

U-Pack® is a self-moving company with eight service centers located in Minnesota to meet your needs, along with service in all 50 states, Canada and Puerto Rico. So no matter where you’re headed, U-Pack can help!

If you're moving from Minnesota — especially during the winter months — you'll have a much more enjoyable experience driving your own vehicle rather than an oversized rental truck. Go U-Pack and let us do the driving for you. Get a free moving quote today and compare to other Minnesota moving companies.

What Will You Miss When Moving from Minnesota?

It's the "Land of 10,000 Lakes" and the home of the largest lake in the world, Lake Superior. With more shoreline than Hawaii, California and Florida combined, Minnesotans get to enjoy a lake experience practically everywhere they look. In fact, there is one recreational boat for every 6 people who live in the state! 

Next to time on the lake, golf is more than a popular pastime — it's a way of life. Minnesota has more golfers per capita than any other state.

But, since the weather isn't always good for cruising the lake or hitting the links, there are some unique indoor attractions. The Mall of America in Bloomington is the size of 78 football fields, and it's all indoors! The city also has a famous skyway system that connects 52 blocks (almost 5 miles) of downtown, which includes restaurants, shopping venues, living complexes, and offices. 

Explore Popular Destinations

Over the years, we’ve seen Minnesotans head to some common spots. It probably won’t surprise you that Minneapolis is the most popular origin city since it’s the largest in the state. But these are the top new homes for Minnesotans. If you’re moving to one of these places, read more about what to expect here: