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Heading Out of Owatonna

Owatonna is a quaint, tree-filled city, surrounded by farmland in southeastern Minnesota. Though living here has offered a relaxing, small-town atmosphere, you’re ready to pack up and move! Let U-Pack® help.

With U-Pack, you don’t have to waste time or energy driving a rental truck across state lines. Instead, we do the driving so your family can travel together in your vehicle or on a plane. And with 240 service centers nationwide, we can typically deliver your belongings in 4-6 business days.

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Only in Owatonna

Though Owatonna is small, it’s home to some interesting and unique attractions. A few of these places include:

National Farmers’ Bank

Experience the splendor of this 100-year old bank. The building features two arches, stained glass windows, 5,000-pound chandeliers and other ornate elements. Today, it houses part of the Wells Fargo Bank and is a popular sightseeing destination.

Minnesota State Public School Orphanage Museum

From 1886 to 1945, more than 10,600 orphans lived at the Minnesota State Public School Orphanage. The grounds had 16 cottages, and the main building served as the school and central gathering area. Today, you can tour the orphanage and learn the fascinating history about the children who lived here.

Reptile and Amphibian Discovery Zoo

Owatonna is home to one of the world’s largest reptile displays! It houses more than 150 species of exotic reptiles from all over the world. You’ll have the chance to meet Big Al, a 12-foot long alligator, and Bella, a 14-foot long python.

Mineral Springs Park

Learn about the legend of Princess Owatonna at Mineral Springs Park. The story goes that Princess Owatonna fell ill. Her father, Chief Wabena, heard about the healing powers of a natural spring on the banks of Maple Creek. He moved his tribe there so his daughter could drink daily, and as she did, she regained strength and health. You, too, can drink from these “magical” waters and feel refreshed! 

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