Moving Companies in Duluth, MN

How to Move from Duluth

Duluth is a major port city located on the world’s largest freshwater Lake — Superior. Living among Minnesota’s breathtaking outdoor beauty has been an experience that maybe you’re not ready to give up. But moving to another state can mean exciting new opportunities and adventures! Get to your new home quickly and easily with U-Pack®.

U-Pack is a self-move service that transports your belongings, so you don’t have to. With 240 service centers across the country, we can deliver your things in about 4-6 business days. This resource can help you learn more about how U-Pack works. Then, start your move from Duluth with a free online quote. 

Hang Out In Your Hometown

We know preparing for a move can be time-consuming and exhausting. But you’re only in Duluth for a little while longer, so enjoy your favorite local activities one last time!  

Spirit Mountain

Whether it’s summer or winter, Spirit Mountain is the perfect outdoor destination. Have fun skiing and snowboarding in the winter, or mountain biking and camping in the summer. And if you really like adventure, take a ride on Timber Twister (a 3,200-foot elevated Alpine coaster), or soar 700 feet up on the Timber Flyer zip line.

Skyline Parkway

Drive Duluth from end to end on this 20-mile route. You’ll experience the most spectacular views of Lake Superior and the St. Louis River. Hawk Ridge is an excellent point for watching migratory birds in the spring and fall.

Minnesota’s North Shore Scenic Drive

This 142-mile route through the Minnesota wilderness is a must if you have the time. The drive winds you through mountains and beside Lake Superior, streams and waterfalls. Along the way are dozens of trails that offer stunning scenery of the North Shore’s natural beauty. You’ll also come across unique and cultural restaurants, museums and shops.    

Great Lakes Aquarium

Explore animals within the Great Lakes Basin and other freshwater ecosystems like the Amazon River. Check the aquarium’s website for updates on thrilling activities throughout the year. They often offer scuba diving, kayaking and snorkeling experiences!   

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