Moving from Minneapolis, MN to Seattle, WA

So you’re thinking about moving from Minneapolis, MN to Seattle, WA?

It is safe to say that the people of Minneapolis, MN are some of the most admirable people in the United States. Why? Well it is also safe to say that they have some of the harshest cold weather of anyone in the world. With over 50 inches of snowfall each year, Old Man Winter is no stranger to these Minnesota natives. One of the great rewards for the endurance of such conditions should be the reward of finding a more pleasant place to settle down. Seattle, WA provides perhaps one of the best alternatives to Minneapolis' chill. This article will help you see just how great a decision moving from Minneapolis, MN to Seattle, WA could be for you.

What is the weather and geography of Seattle?

The first thing Minneapolis residents are going to want to know when contemplating a move to the northern section of the Pacific Coast is just how much winter they will have to go through. The great response is that Seattle only has about 5 inches of snowfall every year. This means that you still get the beauty of the fluffy, white snow on occasion, but without having to own a snow plow to get to work. Seattle's precipitation of choice is instead rain, which comes steadily throughout the city each year, averaging around 40 inches. This 40 inches does not come in buckets or even typically thunderstorms, however. Instead, the rain falls over 152 days annually. The light, misty rain is far more the norm in Seattle. Lucky for Seattle residents, this only helps to increase the intense beauty of the landscape that surrounds it.

Besides bordering the ocean, the Puget Sound and Lake Washington also surround the city. There are many different trees, walking paths, gardens and parks in Seattle, which make daily living an aesthetic feast.

What is there to do in Seattle?

When comparing Seattle and Minneapolis, it's also clear to see how much stronger a foothold Seattle has on the nation's culture, particularly in the realm of music. Jimi Hendrix, Quincy Jones and Ray Charles are all from Seattle. This puts Seattle as a leading contributor to such genres as classic rock and jazz. They can also proudly celebrate their connections with alternative music, with both Pearl Jam and Nirvana being based in the town.

Sports also have a strong foothold in Seattle, with the NFL represented by the Seahawks, the MLS having the Sounders and Mariners being a contender in the MLB. Entertainment does not have a shortage in the city, either, with such annual events as the Seattle International Film Festival.

Many residents of Seattle take much advantage of the city's incredible landscape with active lifestyles. Men's Fitness named Seattle as one of the fittest cities in the country, which is showcased by its many biking, walking and hiking trails, and the plethora of recreational activities available, including rock climbing and kayaking. Most of these are things people in Minneapolis can only dream about as the huddle together in their snow-covered homes.

What are the major landmarks in Seattle?

Seattle was one of the first locations settled in North America, and its rich history is recognized on every block with over 150 landmarks listed in the National Registry of Historic Places. Speaking of recognition, Seattle might very well be one of the most recognized cities in the world, with representation found in television and films over the last century. The contemporary classic Sleepless in Seattle is set in the town and its picturesque skyline can be seen in the opening credits of the hit series Frasier.

A little-known classic called It Happened at the World's Fair, starring Elvis Presley, also takes place in Seattle, specifically at the 1962 World's Fair, which helped put Seattle on the map. There are many landmarks still leftover in the city from the event. Most significantly, the Space Needle is one of the most identifiable structures in America, stretching to 605 feet tall. Every day around 50,000 people take the 10 mile per hour elevator up its observation deck to take in the breathtaking views of the cityscape. In addition, they can also enjoy dinner at the SkyCity restaurant, a unique place to eat to say the least. The restaurant rotates slowly in a circle during your meal, so every second you look up your view of Seattle has changed ever so slightly.

Seattle also has the tallest building on the West Coast with the 76 story Columbia Center, built in 1985.

Moving to Seattle soon?

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Welcome to Seattle, your new home!

With an enviable climate, interesting history and entertaining vibe, Seattle is one of the best places to move in America. When comparing Seattle to Minneapolis, there is no comparison. Pack your bags and move to Seattle today!