Moving from Minneapolis, MN to Boston, MA

So you’re thinking about moving from Minneapolis, MN to Boston, MA?

There are few cities in the United States that hold more history than Boston, Massachusetts. While Minneapolis has its own interesting points, it’s hard to beat Boston when it comes to sheer American atmosphere. It is definitely the type of place where one can live and feel like they’re apart of something larger, more important, more historic than themselves. If you’re looking to make a move out of the chilly weather of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Boston may be the very city you’ve been looking for. This article will help you see just why that is.

What is the weather like in Boston?

When moving out of Minneapolis, one of the most important considerations is going to be weather. While the 43 inches of snow that fall in Boston every winter season may seem excessive to residents of states like Arizona or Alabama, for Minnesotans, that’s child’s play. Each year, well over 50 inches of snow fall in Minneapolis, making a mere 40-something inches sound very, very good. Boston also benefits from a generous amount of rainfall every year, with roughly the same 43 inches of that kind of precipitation coming down through the year. Summers trend slightly warmer in Boston, as well, and winters average above-freezing temperatures, something that Minneapolis can only dream about. 

What are the demographics like in Boston?

Boston is a larger city than Minneapolis, currently holding well over 600,000 residents. This compares to almost exactly 400,000 citizens in the latter city. Boston is much more ethnically diverse than Minneapolis, as well. While about 50 percent of the city identifies as Caucasian, around a quarter of Boston is made up of African Americans, while over 17 percent of people are of Hispanic or Latino descent. Asians also come close to making up 10 percent of the population. Most people in the city, though, are of Irish heritage. Sizable Jewish groups can be found in Boston, as well, with over 25,000 Jewish people in the city limits.

Are the schools in Boston good?

Boston is well-known across the country for having the type of education systems in place that smaller cities like Minneapolis can only dream about. With 57,000 students found in the Boston Public School system, there are renowned institutions like the John D. O’Bryant School of Math & Science, the Boston Latin School, which has the oldest pubic elementary in the nation and the second-oldest public high school, and the Boston Latin Academy that fall within the system.

Higher education is likewise unmatched in Boston. Some of the most famous schools on Earth are either in the city or in the Greater Boston Metropolitan Area. Some of the places include Brandels University, Boston University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technolgy and, of course, the unrivaled Harvard University.

What is the media like in Boston?

When moving to any city, it is important to keep in mind how you’ll continue to be informed in your area. As we grow accustomed to a city we become comfortable with certain news anchors, local papers and radio stations. Boston has excellent representations across each of the media fields. The Boston Herald and the Boston Globe are the daily papers in the city, which are among the most well-known newspapers in the country. The former newspaper, now online and weekly magazine publication, The Christian Science Monitor, is headquartered in Boston, as well.

When it comes to television and radio, Boston is one of the largest markets in the country. All of the major networks are represented on the local Boston TV stations. In addition, there are many, many different local radio stations, including some coming out of the city’s many educational institutions, such as WZBC for Boston College and WRBB for Northeastern University.

What is transportation like in Boston?

When flying into Boston, the Logan Airport is the place for major flights around both the country and the world, and shipping is handled in the Port of Boston, which is famous for the Boston Tea Party. Most residents, though, will be concerned about how they are getting around the city. Boston has good roads and great public transportation. Located on I-90, Boston offers convenient automobile roadways for citizens. Many Bostonians, though, utilize public transit to get to work. Boston boasts the fourth-busiest mass transit system in the country, which is also the oldest system in the Americas. Unique to Boston, though, is how many people get around in the most traditional way possible. Known as “The Walking City,” 13 percent of commuters go by foot, which is the highest average of any city in the United States.

It’s time to get moving to Boston, MA!

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