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Guide to the Age of Exploration

Guide to the Age of Exploration

The Age of Exploration was a time in history when man began to explore his world. It was a historic time when explorers from around the world begin to venture to new lands. Generally historians feel that the Age of Exploration ran from the 15th Century to the 17th Century. During this time explorers from Europe began to find routes in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. These were the first steps towards colonization to new worlds were different lands and people were discovered and reported. Also this was a time when new cultures were uncovered, which led to the discovery of new foods, materials and other items.

Age of Exploration Overview

  • Age of Exploration - Exhibit from the Mariners Museum with helpful information about the Age of Exploration.

  • Age of Exploration Overview - Useful site providing information about this important era in history.

  • Europe and Discovery - Information about Europe and how it was affected by the Age of Exploration.

  • Education Video - Educational video from National Geographic centering around the great explorers of this era.

  • Europe Exploration - Helpful page about the European influence on the Age of Exploration.

  • European Explorers - Article providing historic information about some of the famous explorers in Europe.

During this period of discovery, many famous explorers made historic discoveries. Explorers such as Christopher Columbus, Juan Ponce de leon, Jacque Cartier, Vasco de Gama and others have become well known people in history. The discoveries and missions that they have accomplished have been documented in the history books.

Through the discoveries of these explorers, we have been able to create maps and charts of all major bodies of water. In addition, due to the daring explorers we have been able to discover new lands and be able to establish colonies. The work of these explorers have led to a changing world and was an important step towards the world we currently know and enjoy.

Christopher Columbus

  • Columbus the Explorer - Overview of the life and work as an explorer of Columbus.

  • Columbus Facts - Listing of sixteen facts that many people do not know about Christopher Columbus.

  • Columbus Biography - Biographical look at the life and work of Christopher Columbus.

John Cabot

  • John Cabot - Useful page with information on the first European to explore North America.

  • Voyage to North America - Informative page with details on the 1497 voyage of Cabot to North America.

  • Biography of John Cabot - Information on the life of Cabot from the Canadian Broadcasting Company.

Vasco de Gama

Amerigo Vespucci

  • Amerigo Vespucci - Brief biographical look at the explorations of Vespucci to North America.

  • Vespucci Information - Information, articles, videos and more on the life of the explorer.

  • Vespucci Voyages - Map and timeline which presents information on the voyages of Americo Vespucci.

Juan Ponce de Leon

  • Brief Biography - Simple biography about the explorer who discovered Florida.

  • De Leon Information - Information on the voyages and journeys of Juan Ponce de Leon.

  • Ponce de Leon Facts - Web page which lists a number of useful facts about the life of the famed explorer.

Ferdinand Magellan

  • Magellan - Helpful page which lists many of the accomplishments of the famous explorer.

  • Ferdinand Magellan - Brief biography of the explorer who was the first to sail around the world.

  • Voyage Round the World - Informative page which provides a historic look at Magellan's voyage around the world.

Giovanni da Verrazzano

Jacques Cartier

  • Cartier Biography - Helpful web page which gives information on the French explorer and his voyages.

  • Jacques Cartier - Informative page from PBS providing biographical information on the famed explorer.

  • Cartier Routes - Information on the routes that Cartier took from France to Canada in 1534.

We hope you have found this information informative and helpful in learning about the Age of Exploration and the great explorers of the past. Feel free to visit this page often and share this resource with others.