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Where should I move? 2012 Best places to move for singles

August 16th, 2012 - 2:52 PM

Where should I move?
If you find yourself asking this question, you’ve come to the right place for the answer! The experts at U-Pack have researched the 2012 best places to move for singles. Check them out below, and don’t forget to get a free moving quote from U-Pack if you are seriously considering moving to one of these places!

Best places for singles
Being single has its advantages. For one, you can move anywhere you want! If you’re single and asking yourself, “Where should I move?” U-Pack can help! According to Kiplinger, the 2012 best places to move if you’re single are:

Iowa City, IA
With a low unemployment rate and moderate living costs, you can affordably date and live in this city situated along the Iowa River.

Date night tab: $24.32
Unmarried households: 54.4%

Durham, NC
With around 226,000 unmarried adults living in Durham and plenty of restaurants to choose from, you’ll be able to go on as many dates as you can afford! Most unmarried Durham residents are attending Duke University or work in the area, namely Research Triangle Park.

Dane night tab: $27.71
Unmarried households: 53%

New York, NY
Jobs abound in New York City, and so do singles—well over half of all adults in NYC are single, and one in five is between 20 and 34. The cost of living is steep, but you can find affordable neighborhoods to live in with friends or family, allowing you to save money for more date nights.

Date night tab: $34.82
Unmarried households: 53%

Trenton, NJ
Three of five residents in Trenton are unmarried, and three in four hold at least a bachelor’s degree. With technology, finance, and health-care jobs yielding on average $75,000 per year, you could afford the expensive living cost and go out often for dates.

Date night tab: $27.79
Unmarried households: 52.5%

Philadelphia, PA
Thousands of singles see Philadelphia as the cheaper alternative to cities like New York or D.C. One in two people in Philadelphia are unmarried, with one in five between 20 and 34. High income companies recognize that singles are flocking to Philadelphia, so they are, too, and offering high-paying jobs to help you pay for those fun-filled dates.

Date night tab
: $27.65
Unmarried households: $3.1%

Los Angeles, CA
There are plenty of career paths to explore for singles living in LA. However, it costs a lot to live where the stars live. In LA, you’ll have tons of choices available to you to eat and have fun, meaning that your date night cost can be relatively low.

Date night tab: $30.69
Unmarried households: 54.1%

Baltimore, MD
More than half the population in Baltimore is single. In January, Baltimore had more than 18,000 job openings with salaries over $50,000. The cost of living in Baltimore is cheaper than Philadelphia and D.C., making your date night cost cheaper. The city has a beautiful waterfront with dozens of shops, perfect for a stroll after dinner.

Date night tab: $28.75
Unmarried households: 52.9%

Santa Cruz, CA
If the beach is always calling your name, you’ll be happy to know that you can get a good job and compensation, as the median household income ranks 32% higher than the national average. The beaches in Santa Cruz provide endless fun, especially for dates! Try sailing, surfing, or visit the largest seaside amusement park on the west coast!

Date night tab: $26.99
Unmarried households: 53.9%

We hope we answered your question, “Where should I move?” by giving you the 2012 best places to move for singles. If you’re planning to move to one of these places, get an instant, free moving quote from U-Pack! As an added bonus, here is one of the worst cities for singles:

Asheville, NC
This beautiful Blue Ridge Mountain town has become popular with retirees who enjoy the eclectic food and beautiful scenery. Young adults account for 17.5% of the population, and jobs are limited to local government and service industries.