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What Moves You? Summing Up the Road Trip of a Lifetime

By Guest
March 27th, 2012 - 2:11 PM

In her last post, Miki explains why she trusts U-Pack when it comes to moving long distance. Capping off the cross-country road trip she and her grandmother took while U-Pack handled their big move, Miki now has a published blog series to document the unforgettable experience. Read on!

When I chose a moving company for my grandmother, I wanted the best. I mean, this would be the company that would move her 86 years of belongings; her treasures. I don’t think I can ever fully articulate how thankful I am for the services of ABF U-Pack Moving—not just for my own move two years ago, but especially for my grandmother’s.

I began this journey scared, overwhelmed and confused. The fine folks at ABF took all of this out of the equation. They walked us through every step of the process. And, they were kind when I needed kindness. They did all the driving, so I could merely take care of my grandmother. And boy, what an experience. They brought so much to the table:

Expertise: ABF U-Pack provided the expertise that I needed. And I needed a lot. The only things I really knew were where we were starting and where we were going.

Customer Service: Throughout the course of both moves, I interacted with a myriad of ABF U-Pack employees. Every single one of them was helpful and kind. Each one was able to address my concerns in person or on the phone. They even walked me through properly opening and shutting the doors, something most people know on their own, but I didn’t!

Flexibility: I didn’t know exactly how much room I would need to move my belongings in the truck so long ago or how many ReloCubes grandmother would need for this last move. The ABF U-Pack Moving professionals walked me through it AND I only paid for the space I used.

Quality: Both moves resulted in flawless execution. Nothing was damaged. Nothing was lost. Everything was on time. Everything was easy, from query to paperwork, payment to retrieval.

Costs: My move two years ago cost me less than it would have to rent a competitor’s truck, pay the gas and drive it myself. Less! And I didn’t even have to drive an oversized truck 3,000 miles. My grandmother’s move would’ve cost about the same as driving a rental truck. But instead of having to drive the truck, which wouldn’t have given us enough room for our entourage, we took the vacation of a lifetime.

We played in Texas, visited my best friend and watched fireworks in New Mexico, explored the Grand Canyon in Arizona and meandered around Hollywood. I’ve since had our photos published into a keepsake book. This treasured time will always be in our hearts and on our coffee tables. Thank you, ABF U-Pack Moving. You will always have a place in my heart. You’re truly my heroes!