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What Moves You? Movin' On Up to San Francisco

By Guest
March 13th, 2012 - 4:49 PM

Check out the latest blog post from U-Pack customer Miki M. and her grandmother Regina as their cross-country road trip nears its end.

Our moving vacation was nearing the end by the time we hit the road with San Francisco as our next stop. However, it was difficult to focus as we ruminated with sight and sensory overload. On this leg of our trip, we visited the best fruit stand ever (I’m not kidding)! I always make a point to visit the Moss Landing produce stand. We couldn’t help ourselves; so we bought a little more than road snacks. We collected three watermelons, 10 giant grapefruit, 10 pounds of oranges, a dozen artichokes, three pints of strawberries, onions, celery, carrots, mushrooms…the list goes on. It was all decadent, fresh, tasty, and under $20.00. Right?! The car was already crowded. We literally had fruit falling out of the luggage rack. The partial solution? To eat all of the fruit possible right then, of course.


Moving to San Francisco - Road Trip

Hello, San Francisco!



Fresh fruit stand along the way to San Francisco

The best fruit stand, ever.


I think we were all on a natural sugar high by the time we hit the city. We saw the gorgeous houses stacked on top of each other, sparkling water and, I kid you not, a shiny person crossing the road. I’m not exactly sure what was going on, but a very thin person dressed in shiny garb, crossed the road and about blinded me. I hated to be that person, but I was on vacation, so I took a picture.

Then of course, we ate. That’s one of the joys of a moving vacation. Then we headed to the Golden Gate Bridge. I know every tourist does it, but it’s for all the right reasons—such a view and history! It was the perfect San Francisco day, full of light and fog. Grandma-ma and I strolled the garden with her little dog Randy. Danielle and Austin took Ivy for a walk across the bridge. Her little tail wagged for hours.


Moving to San Francisco - Golden Gate Bridge

We took pictures together, shopped for souvenirs and gazed at the flag. It was a nice way to spend an afternoon. Shortly after, we hit the road again, eager now to make it home. By that time, knew Grandma-ma’s belonging were at their destination. ABF U-Pack Moving called to let us know that they were storing her ReloCubes at their hub, so there were no worries. Her 86-years worth of furniture, memories, china and mementos would be there when we arrived. Have I mentioned that I’ll love ABF U-Pack Moving forever?