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"What Moves You?" Hitting the Road from the Grand Canyon to Hollywood

By Guest
February 21st, 2012 - 1:29 PM

Would we have had the luxury of visiting the Grand Canyon if we had been driving one of the big trucks ourselves? Um, absolutely not as I could never drive a truck large enough to hold my grandmother’s 86 years of belongings on that skinny of highway! But, since we were free to roam about, we headed up to one of the country’s most beautiful parks.




We parked, leashed the dogs, and rounded the corner where we caught the first glimpse of the canyon; the colors seemed to leap from the rock. We ooh-ed and ahh-ed! We took photos and shared smiles. On our way out of the park, we visited the grocery store and U.S. Post Office at the Grand Canyon Village. As I opened the door, the cutest little bird flew into the car and perched on my lap. Although I wasn’t quick enough with the camera, it was a perfect day of moving vacation bliss.




Our moving vacation took us from the Grand Canyon down toward L.A. and Hollywood. We meandered into California and decided to stop in Barstow. We checked into a comfortable motel called the California Inn. We enjoyed a nice stroll around the property, watched some entertaining television and settled in for the night. A lazy morning greeted us and we headed to the pool to enjoy the California sun. Grandma-ma lounged in a chair while the dogs napped. It was a perfect morning! I’m sure not anyone could guess that we were actually in the process of moving across the country.



After a leisurely late check out, we headed to Hollywood. After a whirlwind trip across the Walk of Fame, we ducked into a few cheesy shops. I might usually have been appalled at all of the gaudy souvenirs, but we were on vacation! Armed with t-shirts for seven of my nieces of nephews, we drove up to see the iconic Hollywood sign.




Our GPS took us took us through some one-lane areas up in the Hollywood Hills. Amazing views and opportunities for adventures were at every turn. Once again, I was thankful to be in my little sports sedan instead of driving a truck, towing said sedan. The farther the four of us traveled from Memphis, the more I was convinced we were on a family vacation and not on family business with the move.



Don’t get me wrong; I was able to relax and enjoy the moments because I wasn’t driving a loud, large, laborious truck. However, it was so much more than that. Every time Grandma-ma worried about “strangers” having her life’s collection of belongings, I reminded her of two things: that I had used ABF U-Pack Moving two years ago with perfect results; AND that her personal padlocks sealed each of the four ReloCubes and the keys were tucked away safely in her purse. Once again, those thoughts provided us with moving vacation bliss!